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New Digital-First Era Requires New Skills

Gabriela Rodríguez - Evaluar
Regional Manager


Cinthya Alaniz Salazar By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Mon, 07/18/2022 - 12:30

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Q: How does Evaluar combine its R&D capabilities, data analysis technologies and AI to recruit the best candidates?

A: Most technologies and solutions on the market for organizations that want to digitize their HR departments solely focus on making time-consuming processes efficient. They all fall short in assessing and identifying potential talent, a fundamental competence in organization building.

Evaluar’s solution brings these capacities together, automating the evaluation and compatibility of each candidate as they pass through each stage of the selection process. Its friendly end-user interface keeps candidates engaged throughout the selection process, maximizing the final pool of candidates. Once the application period is complete, our holistic solution will automatically generate a report ranking candidates based on the client’s desired competencies and presumed fit with the organization. Ultimately, our dynamic tool is different from existing solutions because it goes beyond AI-automation and boosting pipeline traffic to identify which candidates are most likely to succeed within an organization.


Q: Can Evaluar’s tool be considered a standalone recruitment tool?

A: While Evaluar’s recruitment tool does significant heavy lifting for recruiters, it should not be employed as the only recruitment strategy. Existing HR technologies are meant to be complemented by the direction and human touch of HR directors, recruiters and leadership. HR directors and supporting staff are instrumental to the identification of the aptitudes and skills organizations require as market conditions evolve. The integration of HR technologies and solutions into recruitment processes are meant to be directed, focused and controlled by HR leadership, not the other way around. Only then will the productivity of an HR tool like ours yield the most optimal and positive results organizations need to fortify their recruitment strategy. 


Q: Has Evaluar found it necessary to adjust its approach to Mexico’s business community?

A: Evaluar.com has existed since 2007, initially focusing its expansion from Ecuador to Peru, Bolivia and Chile. In 2018, after observing the rise of an influential digital hub in Mexico and the alignment of favorable market conditions, the company saw it as an opportunity to open its first offices in the country. Despite our relatively late entry, our product was well above what was currently available in the market, giving us a competitive edge upon entry.

Initially, it was apparent that strategic recruitment was not commonplace in Mexico, so our first year was spent on an educational effort outlining the importance of a skills management model and its relevance to skills alignment within organizations. We undoubtedly benefited from the COVID-19 social distancing measures, remote work models and the digitization of HR. This period has brought sustained demand for our products and services and generated room for growth for the coming years.


Q: How has Evaluar influenced the digitization of HR departments over its 12-year regional expansion?

A: Our history includes the accumulation of the digital business ventures created by taking traditional models and manual processes into the digital age. Before Evaluar.com was established, we helped move job postings and paper applications to online portals in different countries throughout Latin America. This experience outlined new market insights and needs, a now cyclical process that continues to dictate the development of new services, solutions and the strategic direction of the company. Our current goal is to meet the demand for automation in HR processes and to help companies restructure their traditional processes with these new technology integrations.

Overall, our current success and growth throughout Latin America is a reflection of years of accumulated efforts in parallel to greater internet penetration. The Mexican market is undergoing a significant transformation as evidenced by its growing importance on the global stage. Its sheer size and dynamism present a pivotal challenge for Evaluar.com but we are confident that we will be able to secure our presence in the market.


Q: How have Evaluar’s talent development solutions helped its clients to overcome the shortage of skilled labor in the market?

A: Amid the digital transformation, leaders and HR departments have come to recognize the importance of upskilling and reskilling as a mechanism of sustained operability and competitiveness. The baseline of competencies and skills needed by organizations has shifted with the emergence of a digital-first economy and will assuredly continue to evolve with the introduction of new disruptive technologies and digital platforms. The dilemma is that most organizations do not have such initiatives in place, a problem further underscored by talent scarcity.

Upskilling and reskilling are two of our clients’ main concerns, starting with the identification of the talent that fits their organization and anticipating the skills their organization will need in the future. We often find ourselves in demand for talent mapping, leadership talent identification, skills auditing and succession planning services.


Q: What primary objectives would Evaluar like to accomplish before the end of 2022?

A: Mexico continues to be our main focus, not just because of its size but also due to its potential brought about by the digital acceleration and many other variables. The digital transformation is not a choice and it involves more than buying an enterprise resource planning software. Companies need to think about how to incorporate technologies to make their processes more efficient and optimize man-hours and economic resources.


Evaluar.com, founded in 2010, is a dot-com company specialized in the assessment and recruitment of human talent through artificial intelligence applications.  

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