New Minimum Wage for 2022; Senate Against Workplace Harassment
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New Minimum Wage for 2022; Senate Against Workplace Harassment

Photo by:   Steve Johnson, Unsplash
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Antonio Gozain By Antonio Gozain | Senior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Thu, 12/09/2021 - 18:21

Mexico’s minimum wage will increase by 22 percent in 2022. This is its fourth increase since 2019, following a consensus between the federal government, unions and employers. Meanwhile, senators called to ratify International Labor Organization’s Convention 190 against workplace harassment.

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Minimum Daily Wage to Receive Boost in 2022

Mexico's minimum daily wage is to increase an additional 22 percent in 2022, its fourth increase since 2019. The authorized stimulus will raise Mexico’s federal minimum wage from MX$141.70 (US$6.66) to MX$172.87 (US$8.13), which will cover 74 percent of the family welfare line according to a bulletin by the National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy.

Mastercard, Swedish Fintech Create Credit Card

While SMEs struggle to access credit without unpayable fees and time-consuming processes, Mastercard and Jeeves are offering physical and digital cards for Mexican businesses that allow them to pay in local currencies with no fees, unlimited virtual cards and up to 4 percent cash back. Global leading payment company Mastercard decided to partner with Jeeves, the preferred fintech among 700+ Mexican SMEs and the first expense management and banking entity approved to be a Mastercard Principal Member in the country. 

Mexican Senate Paves the Way to Ratify ILO’s 190 Convention

In a forum organized by the Commissions for Gender and Labor Equality of the Upper Chamber of the Senate, female public servants and workers shared their experiences in the work environment. Senators called to ratify ILO’s 190 Convention against work harassment, which was subscribed by Mexico in 2019, reported El Economista.

ManpowerGroup Faces Outsourcing, Subcontracting Reform

Do not miss our interview with Alberto Alesi, Director General, ManpowerGroup Mexico, Caribbean and Central America, who addresses Mexico’s outsourcing reform, how it is going to transform the Mexican economy and the future of staffing firms.

Bias-Free Services Revolutionize Hiring Practices

Read about an innovative platform specially designed for Latin America’s work culture that promises to revolutionize hiring practices in our interview with Pol Morral Dauvergne, Co-Founder and CEO, La Pieza.

Why Companies Should Invest in Employee Education

“Companies can take advantage of the increasing number of high-quality and low-cost online education programs and use education as a tool for greater employee retention and productivity. If, on average, an employee usually stays at a company for two to four months, by helping them pay for their high school or college degree, employees can instead stay at a company for two to four years,” wrote in MBN Lissy Giacoman, CEO and Co-Founder, Vinco.

Read our startup contributor’s full piece here.

Photo by:   Steve Johnson, Unsplash

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