New Tech Skills Take Spotlight in 2022 Talent Market
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New Tech Skills Take Spotlight in 2022 Talent Market

Photo by:   Markus Spiské, Unsplash
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Pamela Benítez By Pamela Benítez | Junior Journalist & Industry Analyst - Wed, 01/19/2022 - 13:07

As corporate interest in developing digital competencies increase by 513 percent, software testing, C++ Language, Go programming, Google Cloud and Hypertext Preprocessor have become top demanding tech capability skills for 1H22, revealed learning platform Udemy.

"If tech workers are better prepared with these skills, they will be able to achieve more effective decisions, which will result in greater long-term benefits for companies. On the other hand, those who do not have these skills need to start developing them, otherwise, they risk being left behind in the busy and increasingly technological world of business," said Raphael Spinelli, Regional Director, Udemy.

San Francisco-based Udemy has interviewed top business executives in regards to talent-seeking tendencies for 2022. Its report revealed executives expect a skills gap to happen over the next five years within their companies given the growing businesses' digital transformation demands, which have caused talent-seeking capabilities to focus importantly on tech skills.  

The company’s report has allowed it to identify the Top five tech capabilities expected to go in high demand in the Mexican market during 1H22, as these were increasingly searched for during 2021. However, rapid digitalization accelerated its demand. 

Beginning with software testing, also known as Verification of Application Under Test (AUT), it allows error detection and data provision to improve the software’s performance and have a defect-free execution in the delivery process, ensuring trustworthiness and security.

On the other hand, C++ is an object-oriented programming (OOP) language used to design high-performance applications that give access to a system’s resources and memory control. Its high demand is not only due to the possibility of developing large-scale apps but also since its presence is predominant on the Internet, ranging from a web browser to an operating system.

Another top skill demand is Go Programming, a Google-developed open-source programming language of simple and fast performance. It is currently a leading programming language in the industry used to power software and services from companies such as American Express, Netflix, Facebook, Microsoft and Mercado Libre. 

Google Cloud is a Google-made tech development and its management is considered to be one of the top required capabilities among tech workers. It allows rapid app-building experiences, facilitates decision-making processes and encourages in-person and online connectivity through a security guarantee. Leading telecommunications, media, entertainment, retail, software and internet companies, trust mostly in the platform according to Google Cloud’s platform.

Lastly, PHP Language or Hypertext Preprocessor is also a simple open-code programming language that is mainly used for application development and as web site enabler. It is mainly used by web developers to design high-powered, creative and interactive websites. 

However, despite these top demanding skill capabilities, Udemy recognizes that corporate focus is also set on soft skills associated with productivity, collaboration, leadership, inclusion, critical thinking, communication and time management, mainly boosted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The pandemic provided an opportunity to develop soft skills and this has led people to seek out more courses related to mindfulness, emotional intelligence, empathy and resilience,” reads the Udemy’s report.

Photo by:   Markus Spiské, Unsplash

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