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Outsourcing Reform, Entrepreneurship, The Race for Talent

By Alejandro Enríquez | Thu, 09/09/2021 - 16:32

This week, experts from IOS offices, Glitzi and Hogan Llovels discussed the race for talent, the quest of entrepreneurship and the relevance of the recent outsourcing reform. In other news, companies are also accelerating the digital transformation by investing more and more on IT solutions.

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2022: The Race for Talent

Javier García Iza, CEO of IOS Office Mexico, explained how in 2022 companies will compete ferociously to attract the best talent. "Companies that allow their employees to be creative and provide an environment where they can develop their skills and achieve self-fulfillment have higher satisfaction rates. We tend to believe that companies are the ones interviewing candidates but it is now a bidirectional relationship where companies interview candidates and vice versa," he writes.

Is The Outsourcing Reform a Business Change Driver?

Hugo Hernández-Ojeda, Labor and Employment Partner at Hogan Llovels, addressed the implications of Mexico's recent outsourcing reform. "Although subcontracting labor structures were prevalent in Mexico for many years and even regulated under the former subcontracting regulation, several outsourcing schemes were also used for the underpayment of taxes and social security contributions, leading to massive tax frauds and reductions of the employee’s lawful compensation (including retirement and housing). Due to the foregoing, under the Labor Reform, subcontracting of personnel is now prohibited," he writes.

There’s No Magic Pill to Make You an Entrepreneur

Ana Ramos, CEO & Co-Founder of Glitzi, described step by step the quest of entrepreneurship. "Being a successful entrepreneur is more than securing a round of funding, being able to successfully market your product or developing products and services that people need. Part of the triumph of entrepreneurship is invisible to the public. It’s a process carried out in silence and without spectators; the strength, compromise and even sacrifices needed to start a business are the foundation of everything but are almost always overlooked by the majority," she writes.

Mexican Companies Increased IT Investment in 2020

By now most know how the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the business world’s digitalization process but little is known of how Mexican companies attempted to mitigate the risks of implementing new, not fully understood technologies in the light of broadening cybersecurity attacks. A new evaluation report authored by Schneider Electric and Oxford Business Group (OBG) points to a poignant investment in IT as a short and long-term strategic priority in order to protect sustainability and competitiveness.

Mexico, US Met to Discuss USMCA Labor Standards

Mexico’s Minister of Labor, Luisa Alcalde, met with the Deputy Minister of International Affairs of the US Secretary of Labor, Thea Lee, to discuss USMCA labor standards. The meeting comes almost a month after GM plant in Silao, Guanajuato, held an election on union representation.


Photo by:   Austin Distel
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