Professionals Are Looking for Diverse Work Environments
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Professionals Are Looking for Diverse Work Environments

Photo by:   pixabay , truthseeker08
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Sofía Garduño By Sofía Garduño | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Wed, 06/01/2022 - 17:24

After the pandemic, professionals are demanding more flexibility, diversity and a sense of purpose from their employers. Companies must take into consideration the needs of their collaborators to maintain and attract new talent. Kisi, a software company, published a report that showed in which countries companies have managed to offer a healthy balance between work and private life for employees.


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Blind Recruitment Decreases Bias

Companies aim to offer a more diverse workplace to their collaborators. Blind recruiting prevents organizations from having a biased perspective of candidates. The practice consists on withdrawing from the candidate’s profile certain information that could interfere with fair decision-making during hiring processes. “This practice promotes objectivity when diving into the talent pool to source the best candidates,” says Forbes. Read the full article here.


Outsourcing Popularity Increases

Globally, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is growing in popularity in the IT sector. RPO providers have implemented technological and innovative solutions to hire the talent that companies need. By 2027, the global RPO market is expected to reach US$20.8 billion. However, in Mexico the outsourcing law forced employment agencies to transform their entire business model, as said at the MTF 2022. Prior to this regulatory change, it is estimated that more than 5.2 million people were employed by an outsourcing company, of which 4.3 million were rehired by the client company.


Younger Professionals Look for Flexibility

Young professionals have changed their expectations when looking for their first job experiences. Flexibility and a sense of purpose are among the most important elements that younger generations are looking for within organizations. For companies to attract young talent, they must focus on communicating both their culture and their mission. Also, companies must be committed to understand how an individual can provide value to their operations instead of just looking at their CV. Read the full article here.


Best Cities for Workers

Kisi published a report of the best cities to work across the world. Oslo, Bern, Helsinki, Zurich and Copenhagen ranked as the cities that offer workers a better work-life balance. Meanwhile, Dubai, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Montevideo are among the cities where citizens have to deal with an excess of work. Read more about Kisi’s findings here.


A Career Plan Can Attract IT Talent

IT labor opportunities increased after the pandemic as digital needs increased in all sectors. However, there is a shortage of talent that companies are dealing with. According to Expansión, to attract IT talent, companies must offer flexibility, a career plan and competitive benefits.  Moreover, it is important for recruiters to not overlook the candidate’s expectations because “it is easy to become self-absorbed when hiring IT talent,” says Entrepreneur.

Photo by:   pixabay , truthseeker08

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