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Remote Recruitment is Here to Stay

By Sofía Hanna | Thu, 12/31/2020 - 13:48

After the COVID-19 pandemic struck, most companies stopped hiring personnel as a preventive measure as they did not know what was going to happen. After the initial wave started to wind down, remote recruitment took over. This meant using apps like Zoom or Skype to do interviews and assigning jobs at a distance without even going to the physical office once.

According to the LinkedIn study, “The Future of Recruiting,” 80 percent of recruiters think remote recruitment will continue to be the hiring trend throughout 2021 or at least a hybrid version of it.

The study also revealed that companies now are trying to hire less and boost internal talent more. “It is time to understand how to adapt and take advantage of the talent that already exists within the company,” said Ramiro Luz, Head of Hispanic America at LinkedIn Talent Solutions. He also stated that companies will, in fact, continue to hire new personnel, but not in the same quantity and with more complex profiles, reported El Economista.


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Outsourcing Essential to Drive the Mexican Industry

Some of the most outsourced services nowadays are customer service, recruitment and cleaning. The reason for this is that companies use outsourcing to save on costs and time during recruitment processes, while also having access to specialized human capital.

According to Jessica Najar, Founder of Koolibri Staffing, a specialized-services outsourcing firm, “outsourcing has become a powerful tool to harness talent, improve productivity and reduce work cycles,” reported El Economista. She also mentions that this practice should not disappear but should be properly regulated to benefit both sides.  


National Banking and Securities Commission Bets on Not Losing Human Capital

The National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV) mentioned that even though it lost some of its human capital, this does not mean CNBV’s responsibilities are compromised or put at risk in any way. “It should be noted that, among the casualties of public officials registered since the beginning of this administration, there were some corresponding to the main hierarchical levels of the CNBV. These vacant positions were covered in an average time of thirty days,” said Juan Pablo Graf Noriega, President of the CNBV, according to a Milenio article.


Digital Geniuses Wanted

Retail distribution groups have been some of the most affected during the pandemic as they had to let go most of their personnel. However, these companies are now looking for the right talent to optimize their digital area.

This is the latest trend in business, which requires companies to have a big online presence. Companies are looking for experts that can help them maximize their online sales and presence. Online vendors that can handle new platforms are also in high demand, reported Forbes.


Queretaro Strengthens Sanitary Measures Among Industrial MSMEs

The Queretaro Association of Industrial MSMEs (AMIQRO) has been planning new sanitary protocols to protect companies and avoid more contagions. “We must continue to take care of ourselves and, as an institution, we will reinforce all recommendation measures among our companies. The truth is that what has been effective is the use of facemasks, as well as physical barriers, in addition to remote-work schemes,” José Luis Cámara Gil, President of the AMIQRO, told Cluster Industrial.


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