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Some Companies Hire While Others Lay Off Staff

By MBN Staff | Thu, 04/30/2020 - 18:05

Companies are not going through an easy moment due to the suspension of activities, stay-at-home orders and the uncertainty generated by COVID-19. However, while some adjust budgets to support their employees, there are others that despite having great resources to overcome a crisis, have unjustly fired their employees.

This week, Claudia Sheinbaum, Head of Mexico City’s government, made public the names of those companies that have not complied with the government’s demands to retain their workforce. One of the most affected sectors, according to Soledad Aragón, Mexico City’s Minister of Labor, is the retail sector. The list includes companies such as Alsea, Office Depot, Toks, Farmacias San Pablo, Sumesa, Soriana and Palacio de Hierro, as well as others such as El Portón, Starbucks, Taco Naco and Estrella Roja del Sur.

Meanwhile, supermarkets have become one of the biggest job providers amid the pandemic. Walmart Mexico, the largest retailer in the country, reported 20,500 new hires in 1Q20. Meanwhile, its e-commerce sales grew 68 percent as daily orders doubled requiring 1,700 workers to handle demand. Results reflected a high demand for essential goods due to the crisis unleashed by COVID-19, said Walmart Chief Executive Guilherme Loureiro.

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