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Tailored Talent Recruitment in a Scarce Market

Andres Sánchez - Randstad Mexico


Cinthya Alaniz Salazar By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Wed, 02/09/2022 - 10:46

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Q: How does Randstad help employers connect with the talent that best complements their business structure?

A: Randstad has a diverse human resources solutions portfolio that often needs to be adapted to regional and even local needs. In Mexico, our services are concentrated on addressing recruitment challenges as the country faces the highest talent deficit in 15 years, according to Manpower Group. 

We have several specific recruitment solutions, including recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), which grants Randstad acting authority to hire talent on behalf of our clients according to their outlined needs and criteria. This type of solution is normally utilized for mass hiring campaigns, such as those observed in construction, manufacturing and logistical industries. Added features to this service are company branding campaigns to attract talent and onboarding processes. 

Randstad also offers specialized service solutions to adapt company standards and processes to meet labor law compliance standards or regulatory changes, most recently exemplified by Mexico’s Outsourcing Law, which left many companies scrambling. Ultimately, we recommend the use of our services so clients can focus on advancing their business objectives. 


Q: How does Randstad reconcile its Human Forward methodology with the use of AI and other recruitment technologies?

A: Randstad’s strategy looks to take advantage of new technologies at different stages of the recruitment process, specifically to perform menial, repetitive processes and make them more efficient so recruiters have more time to focus on candidates. Ultimately, technology is a tool to make processes more efficient. Human touch will continue to guide all end-point decisions, from talent assessment to candidate selection and onboarding. 


Q: How does Randstad make its solutions portfolio accessible to SMEs?

A: Randstad extends its services portfolio to SMEs by adapting them to the budget of our clients. Often, SMEs lack human resources departments so when regulatory changes demand specific compliance requirements, these companies reach out for assistance. Irrespective of their size, Randstad’s specialized services can help companies. 


Q: What has been the greatest hurdle for companies during the Great Resignation?

A: The pandemic threw a curve ball at companies, forcing them to adapt to new work models, develop new approaches to collaborative work and keep their staff engaged amid a global pandemic.  Over the past two years, companies that formulated flexible work models informed by their employees’ needs and wants found themselves less afflicted by high turnover rates. Identifying new employee values has been a challenging process for companies, given their standard top-down structures. But opening a line of communication is a crucial step in this process. Otherwise, companies risk investing time and money into a model that is not functional for daily operations and falls short of keeping their workforce engaged. This is where Randstad's research and expertise comes in. 


Q: What on-site solutions have been the most solicited in the post-pandemic reality?

A: Recruitment is the de facto thermometer of the economic health of a country and, across the globe, this process came to a halt during the pandemic. During the second half of 2021, there was a resurgence of recruitment activity, indicating that we are nearing a post-pandemic era. With a growing majority of vaccinated people and growing economic urgency at a public and private level, we expect recruitment to once again take off once the omicron wave passes. 

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