Talent Acquisition Strategies Are Imperative for Company Growth
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Talent Acquisition Strategies Are Imperative for Company Growth

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Karin Dilge By Karin Dilge | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Fri, 05/20/2022 - 10:10

A company’s talent acquisition (TA) strategy should be linked to its growth, culture, management, direction and business focus. Whereas companies often measure growth in profits, experts believe there should be a shift in this mindset to ensure human capital is also recognized as a decisive factor.

“A good TA strategy is not only measured by the number of hirings. It must be accompanied by benchmarks coming from multiple areas of the organization in order to be successful,” said Santiago San Martín, Country Manager, Globant.

If companies are to generate an optimal TA approach, they need to focus on internal teamwork, mutual understanding, listening and cross-departmental collaboration, ensuring the company is unified toward the common goal of ensuring it attracts talent. TA strategies are therefore no longer the sole responsibility of the HR department, added San Martín.

Automation is a great tool for companies to make their recruitment processes more efficient. The quantity of data generated by the hiring process can be overwhelming for one person, so technology can support human resources to identify needles in the haystack. Nevertheless, Martín underscores that companies should not be single-minded in their mission to find certain skills in the labor market. “If a person can learn new abilities, that is an added value,” he said.

Furthermore, a skill does not have to be technical. Companies need employees with strong soft skills, which can help enhance the working environment and motivate their coworkers. “Another important aspect to consider is the cultural fit. Corporations could be overlooking hidden talent within people that may not have gone to the best university but that possess tangible soft skills,” said Martín. “For real change to happen we must act agents of change. In order to have a happy and in-control company culture, with which growth will materialize automatically, we have to think about how we want our colleagues to experience their working day,” he concluded.

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