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Talent and Education Challenges Drive Institutional Change

By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Wed, 06/08/2022 - 16:03

A domestic war for talent is driving organizations to reevaluate talent and education initiatives, leading to institutional changes. Meanwhile, some industry leaders reflect on the added value derived from contributor knowledge and communication tools in the age of digital work, while others explore the value of male allyship in promoting inclusivity in male-dominated industries.

In international news, enterprise workflow company ServiceNow signed to acquire Hitch Works, putting the first in direct competition with leading service providers.


This week in Talent news and trends:



We Are Not in an Epoch of Change but, Rather, a Change of Epoch

As Mexico’s education sector faces multiple unprecedented challenges in education, answers must be sought in collaboration rather than in technology, explained Fernando Valenzuela, President, Global Edtech Impact Alliance.


Proactive Talent Initiatives Necessary in Tight Labor Market

There is currently a domestic war for talent, to compete “[c]ompany value propositions need to be continually adapted to the changing needs of its contributors,” said Carlos Andres de Silva, Vice President HR, DHL.


Industry Trends

The Value of Data and Knowledge

“The only way for data to add value and have an impact on our income statement is if we know what to do with it and what we are going to use it for,” said Francisco Ruiz, Knowledge Management Manager, Tecnatom. But this goal can only be achieved if companies use the knowledge provided by employees, he added.


Remote Work Needs Collaboration. Here Are Chanty’s Favorite Tools

“The rise in remote and hybrid work, demand for collaboration, communication and project management tools is also increasing,” said Dmytro Okunyev, Founder and CEO, Chanty. Implementing those business tools requires budget and company culture considerations.


The Role of Men as Allies in Gender Equity and Diversity Programs

The success of women in male-dominated industries depends on “the visible and consistent participation of male leaders” and a concerted effort to change company culture, said Jennifer Burge, CEO, WorldWise Coaching.



ServiceNow Announces Acquisition of Hitch Works

Enterprise workflow company ServiceNow signed to acquire Hitch Works to add a layer of AI-power skills insights to help customers address talent gaps through strategic workforce planning, according to a company press release. The move will place the company in direct competition with Workday, Oracle, SAP and others.

Photo by:   Vanessa Garcia
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