Alexis de Bretteville
Deputy CEO
Morgan Philips Group
View from the Top

Technology Does Not Eliminate Human Approach in Recruitment

Wed, 05/08/2019 - 12:19

Q: Why did Morgan Philips choose Mexico as its only location in Latin America and what separates your offer from the competition?

A: We are a startup with less than five years in the global market, led by people with significant experience in the human resources arena. We understand that the talent selection market is changing rapidly thanks to the revolution launched by machines, AI and social networks. However, many talent selection companies only provide a transactional service, meaning that the only thing they do is send CVs to companies. This is not the way the industry is trending. We must provide a service with greater added value in addition to creating disruption in the selection market through a focus on technology that helps companies to improve their hiring processes. Though we invest in technology, we also want to maintain the human part of our service because we believe it is indispensable in our line of work. It is very important to combine what we call high-tech and high-touch, which is the human touch that is always needed in selection processes. 
Given our high-tech focus, we have introduced new technologies to Mexico that change recruitment processes. For a midlevel position, we will send the company a select few people who have already completed short video interviews, which allow human resources departments to gauge the applicant’s fit with the company. Also, instead of publishing their vacancies on social networks, our consultants record their own video in which they talk about the job vacancies. These are tools that did not exist in Mexico and that provide us with an advantage. We also use all the information in our databases to feed our predictive recruitment tools. We have introduced all these tools to Mexico because we think this market offers significant opportunities. The Mexican market is not mature enough in terms of competition. Most companies still conduct their own recruitment process. Part of what we do is to contact people who are not even looking for a job, those who are below the radar. We have a sourcing center in Mexico that is aimed at identifying people who are passively looking for work.

Q: How do your solutions complement each other to generate a comprehensive service for clients?

A: Our business is based on three main services. Executive search focuses on the selection of talent for senior management levels and involves the all-important human touch but also innovative tools for sourcing and candidate identification. We also provide a talent consulting service that includes going to companies and executing programs for high-potential employees. We conduct evaluations and activities that generate commitment, in addition to motivating employees by helping them to understand the company’s purpose. Having a corporate vision is crucial for the success of any company, as well as for increasing profit and attracting the best talent. Our third pillar is our Fyte service brand, which is a very technological and digital branch that focuses on the selection of midlevel talent. 
Q: How will the appearance of new technologies such as AI and Industry 4.0 impact the talent market in Mexico?

A: Previously, companies looked for skills or abilities but that has changed. Now companies are focused on attitude and personality. We have developed a test called Pulse Mindset that allows us to asses a candidate’s mindset. We know that skills can be acquired and that a candidate might have experience in a determined sector, but the most important thing for a company is how people react and how will their personality integrate into the company’s culture. We work a lot with emotional intelligence and personal development, which are highly linked. 
Q: What are Morgan Philips’ expectations for the midterm and what will be Mexico’s role in the company’s strategy?

A: We are ambitious and see Mexico as a country that will allow us to grow. We want Mexico to be the base of our development in the Americas. Our intention is to set up a team in Mexico that will be in charge of developing our presence in South America. We believe Mexico has a bright future and we have significant and aggressive expansion plans