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Technology, Expert Approach Equally Key for Quality Recruitment

Itzel Vargas - Shermind Partners
Managing Director Mexico


Antonio Gozain By Antonio Gozain | Senior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Fri, 11/04/2022 - 10:00

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Q: How does Shermind Partners combine technology with an expert approach for recruitment and selection?

A: Headhunting 4.0 has arrived. Shermind Partners is a specialized recruitment firm that combines technology with expert advice to be more assertive when presenting ideal candidates to companies. There are traditional recruitment firms and AI companies that do word-matching to indicate the candidate’s affinity. We do both.

We provide recruitment, selection and assessment. Shermind Partners has a broad pipeline of candidates and we evaluate companies’ capabilities for upskilling, reskilling, evaluations and benchmarking, among other services.

Q: What technologies does Shermind Partners leverage to provide its recruitment services?

A: Shermind Partners was born under the umbrella of Red Arbor, which is the leader in HR tech in Latin America. Redarbor is a consolidated company that provides tools, software and services to help HR departments to be more efficient through technology. The group has job boards in whole Latin America and HR software, while our recruitment services complement their products.

We do use word-matching technologies as part of our methodology. Clients can access our portal to oversee the recruitment process in real time. The portal displays candidate summaries, videos and CVs, among other key parameters. Clients can rate the candidates within the portal and leave comments. On the platform, we provide clients with a lot of visibility into what they like. The complete company lives within the platform.

Q: How have candidate motivations changed over the past year?

A: The market has been revolutionized. There was a significant reactivation of hiring and today companies and candidates must also evolve. The candidates have more power because there is a shortage of top qualified talent and it’s difficult to find. The challenge is not only to find the best talent but to identify if the talent is willing to change. Many people also prefer flexibility over receiving higher salaries or working for higher-profile companies.

Shermind Partners provides clients and candidates with accompaniment and advice during the recruitment process. However, once candidates join the companies, we remain close because Shermind Partners does not only cover open positions, we are a partner.

Q: Why should companies outsource recruitment services?

A: Companies outsource recruitment services because they sometimes have an urgent need to cover an open position. In addition to our speed, Shermind Partners provides confidential, complex and specialized searches among a large candidate pool. Being neither an AI-based nor traditional firm allows us to offer the best of both worlds. The platform offers great transparency for clients and clear processes for everyone.

Q: What are the most sought-out skills in Mexico?

A: Talent trends depend on the industry. In some sectors, talent is scarce, and companies fight to retain it. For example, the automotive industry’s large focus on R&D operations means companies in the sector require talent trained in engineering, design and software. In operations, industrialization and process engineers are the most sought-after candidates, in addition to the boom in the IT area.

Q: Talented candidates sometimes reject offers from new companies for counter-offers. How does Shermind Partners give its clients a competitive advantage?

A: Counter-offers happen when a company does not want to lose its talent and considers a significant raise to keep that talent. Candidates who reject a new offer to take a counter-offer do so because of emotional reasons and a preference for their work environment, among other nontraditional reasons. It is essential to understand the motivations of talent.

Shermind Partners’ reach, methodologies and experience, in addition to our expertise, provides companies with the necessary support to win this battle. The personal situation and the emotional aspect of employees is also important. In the case of specialized talent, companies make a big effort to retain them.

Q: What are Shermind Partners’ plans and strategies for the near term?

A: We aim to change the mindset of companies and to continue finding new ways to do that. Shermind Partners wants to teach clients and the industry that many companies are doing things differently and finding success. We want to become the leading partner in Mexico thanks to the combination of our capabilities and services.

Shermind Partners also has a significant expansion plan in place. First, we aim to open a second office in Mexico within the next two years. Later, we will expand to other Latin American countries where Redarbor is already present.


Shermind Partners specializes in recruitment solutions, combining its know-how and vision with innovative technology to provide a comprehensive talent approach.

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