Ferenz Feher
Founder and CEO
Feher & Feher

Transforming Dreams into Success

Sat, 12/01/2018 - 13:43

Launching a business is not an easy task. While there are several factors that can deter people from becoming entrepreneurs, fear of failure and lack of knowledge regarding resources are at the top of the board, says Ferenz Feher, Founder and CEO of Feher & Feher. “What they need to do is to reach out to the correct instances to help them obtain resources,” he says.

Feher & Feher has developed a methodology aimed at helping not only entrepreneurs, but also any kind of business that might need its help. Although it started as a business specialized in franchising, throughout the years the company has successfully diversified into several lines that include business acceleration and incubation, management consulting and development of international business models. “When we started, we focused on franchising but as we went along, we realized there was a pool of business-consulting opportunities we could tap into. Today, we can equally help micro and small businesses or big corporations,” says Feher. While business consulting is now common in the country, Feher says the main differentiators of his firm are embedded in its philosophy: “We transform our clients’ dreams into growth opportunities.”

Initially, Feher did not think that entrepreneurs could be an important business. After analyzing the number of applications he came to the conclusion that they could be a source of business. Today, Feher & Feher’s franchising operations only represent 50 percent of the business’ activities, while the remaining 50 percent is divided between its business acceleration, incubation and consulting services.