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Transforming HR and Shaping the Future of E-Learning

Diego Olcese, - Crehana
Co-Founder and CEO


Anmol Motwani By Anmol Motwani | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Thu, 06/29/2023 - 13:00

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Q: Crehana recently acquired Ascendo and Wormhole. What was the strategic significance of these acquisitions?

A: The acquisition of Ascendo and Wormhole was aimed at consolidating Crehana as a comprehensive platform for enterprises in Latin America, facilitating effective talent management, performance tracking and centralized learning and development. The acquisition of Ascendo provided Crehana with a talent management suite that allows companies to effectively manage and implement performance engagement programs for their teams. This suite enables companies to gain insights into team dynamics, assess performance and track progress toward set objectives and goals. This acquisition aligns with Crehana's vision of offering a holistic solution to the market.

The need to integrate a learning management system into its platform, led Crehana to acquire Wormhole. Crehana initially focused on building a strong catalog of over 1,200 expert-built courses for the Latin American market. However, we realized the importance of extending our value proposition to enable customers to centralize their knowledge on one platform. Wormhole's robust learning management system, with more than 15 years of experience and a significant enterprise customer base, presented an opportunity for Crehana to enhance its learning solution. By incorporating Wormhole's system, Crehana enables customers not only to access its existing content but also to create and deploy their own content.

Q: How did Crehana evolve from a B2C platform to a B2B platform and what challenges and opportunities did it encounter in this transition?

A: The transition from a B2C platform to a B2B platform required adapting our service and product offerings to cater to companies rather than individual users. To address the needs of HR teams, Crehana developed and launched features such as talent management capabilities and analytics. These additions enabled customers to have better control and visibility over the development and implementation of learning and talent management programs at scale. By leveraging our technology and platform, Crehana empowered thousands of companies to use data and analytics on a daily basis to understand team dynamics and the effectiveness of their talent management strategies. 

Another significant challenge during the transition was changing our distribution strategy. Previously, Crehana relied on platforms like Facebook and Google to acquire individual customers. However, we shifted our focus to building sales teams and establishing relationships in the market. This shift allowed us to develop a sales funnel and engage in direct sales. Crehana now has a dedicated team of approximately 80-85 on-the-ground sales representatives. Overall, the company shifted its focus to HR teams and built a culture centered around supporting these teams in successfully developing talent management plans. 

Q: What approach does Crehana take when engaging with companies that struggle to comprehend the value of investing in workforce development?

A: We have observed a cultural shift in recent years, driven by factors such as the proliferation of remote work due to COVID-19, which placed greater emphasis on internal motivation, performance and engagement within organizations. Crehana focuses on medium to large companies, typically those with over 150 employees, which are more likely to have the budget and strategic mindset to implement effective talent management plans. Our value proposition lies in providing a centralized platform that encompasses all aspects of learning and talent management. By consolidating these processes into a single technology and support system, we enable companies to efficiently develop their workforce with optimized budgets and increased impact.

Crehana understands the unique challenges and market conditions of Latin America. This localized knowledge and support resonate with customers, who appreciate the understanding of their specific circumstances. Crehana's technology-driven approach, including the integration of AI, allows HR teams to automate mundane tasks and focus on strategic analysis and decision-making. By providing smarter products and streamlining processes, Crehana aims to free up time for HR teams and enhance their ability to make a positive impact within their organizations. 

Overall, Crehana's approach combines cultural shifts, targeted segmentation, localized expertise and technological advancements to address the challenges faced by companies hesitant to invest in workforce development. 

Q: How does Crehana address the specific learning needs and preferences of women in its programs, particularly in Mexico?

A: Crehana's analysis of its customer base in Mexico reveals that the learning preferences and needs of women and men are quite similar. Crehana prioritizes understanding the specific needs of its customers, focusing on skills like information management, innovation, data analysis, negotiation, communication, emotional intelligence and leadership. These skills are in high demand in Mexico and Crehana tailors its programs to meet these needs rather than solely focusing on gender-based learning differences. 

The company has also focused on increasing the representation of women in leadership positions and ensuring compensation equality. We have made significant improvements, with nearly 50% of the leadership team comprising women and equal representation in senior roles. Crehana actively works with customers to implement cultural activities and eliminate salary biases during the hiring process.

Q: How does Crehana address the challenge of Mexico's growing digital divide and ensure that its e-learning platform is accessible to underserved communities?

A: The company has established partnerships with organizations, foundations and institutions, such as Telefónica and Google, to extend its programs and reach underserved communities. Crehana also offers scholarships, granting about 3,000 to 5,000 annually to individuals and organizations that lack financial resources but are eager to access educational opportunities. By actively engaging in social impact initiatives, Crehana not only aims to provide value as a company but also to make a meaningful difference in bridging the digital divide and enabling equal access to education.

Q: How does Crehana's partnership with Google contribute to its efforts in connecting with underserved communities?

A: Through its partnership with Google, Crehana has made significant progress in reaching underserved communities. In the initial phase of our Crece con Google program, participants completed over 700 courses, accumulating more than 1,800 learning hours. The program focused on reinforcing skills in digital marketing, English and information analysis. The most popular course among learners was "Media plan and digital strategy."

Crehana continues to collaborate with Google on the program's second stage, which has awarded 4,000 scholarships. This ongoing partnership enables the creation of valuable training and employment opportunities for young individuals, further enhancing their access to quality education and career prospects.

Q: Could you provide insight into Crehana's future expansion strategies and its outlook on the future of the e-learning sector?

A: Crehana aims to become a leading HR operating system for enterprises, aiming to transform traditional tools and processes to enhance productivity and contribute to a better global economy. Although we are at about 20% of this goal, we plan to establish Crehana as Latin America’s go-to HR operating system. The company's main strategy revolves around scalability and profitability, leveraging its valuable business model and positioning to generate sustainable profits.

Crehana plans to consolidate its presence in existing markets, with a particular focus on Colombia. The objective is to penetrate these markets further and gain additional traction, expanding its reach and impact. Additionally, we understand the importance of internal promotion, not only in terms of gender equality but also in other aspects. We strive to implement what we sell by generating internal opportunities and fostering a culture that supports equality and inclusivity. Crehana's platform, content and solutions are designed to foster equality and provide opportunities for its customers.

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