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UN Launches Campaign to Foster Women’s Studies

By Rodrigo Brugada | Mon, 07/19/2021 - 16:53

UN Women launched a communications campaign to raise awareness about the Second Chance program. This global program provides high-quality educational content for those who interrupted their education, with a special focus on women.

Girls and women who attend school are exercising their fundamental human right to education. Unfortunately, it is a right to which not all have access. In Mexico, six out of every 10 people over the age of 15 with no education are women. Likewise, a woman is four times less likely to have access to education or the labor market than a man. Lack of schooling, poverty, unemployment and jobs with poor working conditions disproportionately affect women, widening the gender gap and leaving them in a more vulnerable situation.

For these reasons, the Second Chance Program was created to transform the lives of women and their communities. UN Women launched an informative campaign that began on June 25 and will culminate on July 30, 2021, to encourage people to approach the program. The states where the greatest efforts are being made are Jalisco, the State of Mexico and Puebla. The campaign is being disseminated through graphic materials in social networks, videos, radio capsules, billboards, public transport ads, banners, websites and flyers. The program is aimed at women between 30 and 49 years of age who have incomplete studies and/or wish to receive training to find a job or start a business.

The communication program aims to raise awareness among women of the importance of exercising their right to education and having an income of their own. By increasing their education, the program expects a general improvement in their quality of life and that of their community, as well as a socio-cultural transformation that will raise awareness of the importance of the right to education and access to quality learning for women. The program works in various areas such as technological innovation and human development.

The Second Chance Program aims to benefit 5,000 women in Jalisco, the State of Mexico and Puebla. So far, 3,647 women have participated through the program’s 14 learning centers in 9 municipalities and its online platform. Educational efforts are carried out in collaboration with state and municipal governments, private companies and civil society organizations. 

UN Women acts to promote access to quality education. These efforts represent a fundamental step towards achieving gender equality and women's rights. Once this campaign is concluded, the appropriate evaluation process will be proposed to report main findings and conclusions of the program. 

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