Walmart’s Senior Baggers Could Go Back to Work if Vaccinated
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Walmart’s Senior Baggers Could Go Back to Work if Vaccinated

Photo by:   Walmart
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Andrea Villar By Andrea Villar | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Tue, 08/03/2021 - 11:14

After more than a year of being unable to work as baggers at Walmart due to the pandemic, an agreement with the National Institute for the Elderly (INAPAM) will allow the retail giant's senior employees to return to work, but only if they have received both shots of the COVID-19 vaccine, the company said in a statement. However, they will only be able to work in supermarket stores located in states with a green epidemiological traffic light and must stop working as soon as the color changes.

A further condition is that only one senior citizen can work at each checkout counter, and customers will be able to decide whether to pack their purchases themselves or ask for the support of a bagger. “According to the safety measures and protocols implemented to protect the health and safety of the elderly, Walmart Mexico and Central America will determine the number of volunteer baggers, as well as their hours of operation in each shop.” The Mexican institute and the company, agreed that the agreement has a “purely social, non-profit purpose,” meaning that older adults affiliated to INAPAM and linked to the Voluntary System of Merchandise Baggers Program will have no employment relationship of any kind with Walmart Mexico and Central America, nor with INAPAM.

In response to the threat of the Delta variant, US Walmart is again asking employees to wear face masks inside the shop. The company is also giving two US$75 bonuses to employees who are vaccinated.

Besides the agreement with INAPAM, the retail giant has announced other initiatives focused on attracting human resources. Walmart Mexico and Central America said in mid-July that it will employ women in the region "to maintain the optimal functioning and good service of its shops, plants, distribution centers and offices." The company will offer permanent and temporary positions in all areas, including management and assistant management across its shops in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Mexico. Women currently represent 46.3 percent of Walmart's talent, while people with disabilities account for 4.8 percent.

Walmart Mexico reported a net income of MX$9.8 billion (US$489.5 million) in 2Q2021, an increase from the year-earlier period, when the company posted a net income of MX$1.6 billion (US$79.8 million). Walmart de Mexico posted revenues of MX$174.7 billion (US$8.7 billion) in the quarter, 3.3 percent more than in the same period last year.


Photo by:   Walmart

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