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The Week in Talent: Jobs Are Available, but Too Often Precarious

By Cas Biekmann | Fri, 01/24/2020 - 17:18

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Mexico’s Unemployment at Historical Low, but Jobs Are on Precarious Levels

As interpreted by economics specialist Jorge Enrique Velarde[MJM1] , the amount of jobs available in Mexico is at a good level. The problem lies in the precariousness of the work, as well as the salaries. The National Occupation and Employment Survey gives insight on this issue by providing certain numbers: while unemployment is at a historical low of 3.1 percent, precariousness of work troubles at least 18.8 percent of workers.


Micro Businesses: Main Source of Underpaid Employees

According to a study by the National Minimum Wages Commission (CONASAMI) there are around 10.9 million workers who earn less than MX$3,696.60 (US$196.78) per month in Mexico; the current standard of minimum wage. Ninety percent of these workers find themselves working for micro businesses and small companies, most of them in the informal sector.


Only 18 Percent of Companies Have Plans to Train and Improve Talent

PwC’s influential Global CEOSurvey sheds light on the issue. Among the main reasons not to implement beneficial training programs, as outlined by business leaders, are a lack of resources, not understanding what skills they should focus on to benefit both the employee and the company and demotivated workers.


IBM Launches Program to Train Young People in Artificial Intelligence

IBM’s new commitment in Mexico consists of an alliance with universities to develop new educational plans, as well as training for talented individuals. The goal is to align education with the needs of the current technology industry, so that both students and tech companies can benefit from the newly enhanced synergy. Academic leaders such as Tec de Monterrey’s Dean David Garza had already stated that in order to make Industry 4.0 successful, alliances were a must.


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