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The Week in Talent: Latin Americans Face Unemployment

By Cas Biekmann | Fri, 01/31/2020 - 11:52

Young People in Latin America: One in Five Are Unemployed

ILO published worrying figures in a recent report, showing that unemployment for people between the ages of 15 and 24 was at 19.8 percent in 2019. The report says that economic downturn has hit young people the hardest, as the percentage of unemployment is three times higher than that observed in the general population.


Employees Agree: Companies With Women in Charge Are Best

A study led by Great Place to Work concludes that in Mexico, the working culture and environment, as well as performance of employees is rated higher in companies where there are more women in leadership positions. In the eyes of employees, there is a notable increase in credibility, respect and – most importantly – impartiality when women occupy managerial positions.


President Donald Trump Sings USMCA

Calling it a “Historic Win for American Workers,” the US president said the deal will improve on the old NAFTA agreement. Widely considered to be a positive development for regional integration, where Mexico stands to benefit as well, workers in the country can look forward to increased wages and benefits, as well as a solidified right to unionize.


Mexican Legislators Shield Labor Rights of Police, Experts and Federal Agents

Senators will discuss a reform on constitutional article 123, with the goal that those who are fired without justification can opt to be reinstated. At the moment, this is impossible for people occupying these positions.

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