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The Week in Talent: US Hits Employment Generation Record

By Cas Biekmann | Fri, 01/10/2020 - 15:03


This week, the US labor market touted large numbers of newly created jobs. Mexican universities are tasked with filling the gaps in the energy market, as well as forming alliances between the public and private sectors to prepare for Industry 4.0. Mexico oversees the enactment of a new law to solve labor conflicts, and the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare promises change for 2020.


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Alliances Between Public and Private Schools Needed to Face Industry 4.0

In order to make Industry 4.0 a success, all academic institutions will need to form partnerships so talented people can learn adequate skills, said David Garza Salazar, Dean of Tecnológico de Monterrey. He says that while institutions may be different, their training can be complementary to fill all gaps in the future labor market.


Mexico’s New Law to Solve Labor Conflicts

Enacting the new Organic Law of the Federal Conciliation Center was the first step to fully implement a new way of solving labor contract conflicts. The Federal Conciliation Center will start operations this year and has received a budget from the government of MXN$197.2 million (US$10.5 million) to get started.


Human Capital: Priority for the Energy Industry

Elisa Ávila Requena, President of the National Council of Energy Clusters, says better human capital is needed to meet the energy sector’s needs. Queretaro has already started to update academic plans so students can take on the industry’s challenges.


Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare Promises to Transform the National Employment Service

The Ministry aims to help talent in Mexico in a better way by founding a digital platform, better suited to connect companies with people in search of employment. Furthermore, Minister Luisa María Alcade Luján hints at more reforms and changes, such as the future vanishing of 85 percent of collective contracts in Mexico.


US Sees Record in Creation of New Jobs

The US labor market remains strong, although the upper limit does seem to be in sight. December 2019 brought 145,000 new jobs although this was below the 165,000 expected, according to Reuters.

Cas Biekmann Cas Biekmann Journalist and Industry Analyst