This Week in Talent: Workforce Appreciation, Boomerang Employees
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This Week in Talent: Workforce Appreciation, Boomerang Employees

Photo by:   Gerd Altmann, Pixabay
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Anmol Motwani By Anmol Motwani | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Thu, 11/16/2023 - 16:08

Grupo Modelo celebrates 27 dedicated employees for four decades of commitment, underscoring the connection between workforce appreciation and heightened productivity. To counter talent shortages, the 'Boomerang Employee Effect' emerges as a cost-effective solution in this tech-innovation-driven era. Samsung Mexico acknowledges the growing appeal of the evolving tech landscape to Mexican professionals, emphasizing their influential role. Furthermore, networking gains prominence in bridging funding gaps and fostering inclusivity in the Latino startup ecosystem.

This week in Talent: 


Grupo Modelo Honors 40-Years of Employee Dedication

Grupo Modelo celebrated 27 dedicated employees, dubbed "Corona Legends," with over 40 years of service, highlighting the company's dedication to valuing its workforce and cultivating a culture of happiness for enhanced productivity. As a prominent player in Mexico's brewing sector, Grupo Modelo, employing over 30,000 individuals, holds a notable position in the industry and ranks third in talent attraction and retention according to Merco Talento. This commitment to employee recognition aligns with a broader trend in the contemporary business landscape, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing employee satisfaction to drive increased productivity.

Boomerang Employees to Navigate  Mexican Talent Shortages

To remedy sustained talent shortages resulting from demographic shifts and skills gaps, Mexican businesses are recurring to their alumni network, also referred to as the “Boomerang Employee Effect”. This approach involves rehiring former employees, offering a cost-effective way to manage workforce and talent acquisition challenges. An evolving challenge complicated by the relentless pace of technological evolution, which has consistently outpaced the training of qualified global talent. The prevalence of this predicament has compelled employers to systematically reconsider overlooked talent pools, including former employee alumni. The 'Boomerang Employee Effect' not only brings back valuable expertise but also facilitates knowledge transfer crucial for bridging the talent gap.

Executive Perspective 

How to Rank Among the Most Attractive Companies to Work For

Samsung Mexico acknowledges the dynamic evolution of the technology sector, emphasizing the shift away from smartphone and Smart TV development to artificial intelligence, automation, robotics, and cybersecurity. This shift has created many job opportunities that has made the technology industry highly appealing for Mexican talent. “Professionals working in the field of technology have the ability to directly influence these changes and trends, either by developing new tools, securing systems, analyzing data or guiding, redefining the technology adoption strategy,” says Geny Oceguera Rojas, Head of Human Resources, Samsung Electronics Mexico. 

Networking: The Key to Success or a Distraction Toward Failure?

Networking is a tool to bridge the funding gap, with organizations actively striving to offer opportunities to both founders and funds, writes Susana Espinosa, Partner, Dux Capital. Although there has been progress, a collective effort is required to further enhance inclusivity and sustainability within the Latino startup ecosystem. Drawing inspiration from successful collaboration models in Mexico's venture capital landscape, there is a call to unite and continue working collaboratively to empower the potential of the Latino community.


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Photo by:   Gerd Altmann, Pixabay

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