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What It Means to Work from Home

By Laura Cuevas | Fri, 04/10/2020 - 12:22

A situation like the COVID-19 pandemic makes us rethink various concepts or paradigms related to methodologies and work processes. This can be applied to both companies and employees. We have doubts whether working from home is really an option in which productivity is maintained or even increased.

Perhaps it is a question that has crossed the minds of many employers and employees in the past and it is surely being pondered now more than ever. However, the situation has changed and the contingency forced all companies to work from home, depending on the circumstances. It has been difficult to gradually accept this alternative as one in which we can really be productive. This is because we wonder if whether employees are really focused during their entire workday.

Global companies may find advantages in employees working from home. Nevertheless,  this time has been prolonged longer than we thought. It is during these circumstances that this alternative is being tested and evaluated. Both employees and employers are adapting to the experience, with all advantages and disadvantages that this entails.

Working from home has been a viable option due to the use of electronic tools, remote connections, social networks and email, However, it is the employee´s adaptability and skills that must be considered to focus on work objectives.

For productivity to be maintained and even increased, various recommendations have been given. These include establishing a fixed schedule for each activity, maintaining a routine and personal grooming as when going to the office, setting aside a space in the house intended to be the office, among other practical solutions.  But what about personal characteristics or abilities of each individual? Naturally, these favor or affect the performance and adaptability to work from home of every person. The skills that promote productivity in any circumstance are organization, discipline, planning and even stress and anxiety management.

The role of company leaders is to establish clear working processes, punctual objectives and to give personalized recommendations, all of this while keeping in mind the characteristics and abilities of each employee. Those who do not adapt with the same ease will have to be motivated to adapt to the new reality. Communication must be constant and tasks very clear.

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Laura Cuevas Laura Cuevas Human Resources Manager