While Some Companies Lay Off Workers, Others Look to Hire
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While Some Companies Lay Off Workers, Others Look to Hire

Photo by:   Drazen Zigic
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Cinthya Alaniz Salazar By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Thu, 01/26/2023 - 09:00

Despite an obscure economic outlook, more companies are looking to hire than those looking to lay off workers. Meanwhile, Spanish employee benefits company Cobee announced its expansion to Mexico. Industry leaders consider the added-value of flexible benefits and more vacation days. 

In international news, Silicon valley’s giants Google Microsoft and IBM announced massive layoffs. 


This week in Talent news and developments: 



Demand for Qualified Talent Carries Onto 1Q23: Manpower Group

Manpower Group Mexico’s Employment Expectations Survey indicates that the net employment outlook, which is measured by the percentage of companies planning to hire personnel minus those that are planning to reduce their workforce, is at 23% in 1Q23. Manpower’s survey indicates that 46% of employers in Mexico planned to hire new personnel, while 18% expected to cut their staff.


Cobee Arrives in Mexico to Transform Employee Benefits

Cobee, the Spanish startup that is revolutionizing employee benefits, has entered Mexico as part of its internationalization plan. It aims to offer different benefit programs that adapt to the needs of Mexican employees through a flexible platform that automates and centralizes management. “Arriving to Mexico is a huge milestone for Cobee, not only because it represents growth and reinforces that we are on the right track but also because we are starting a new chapter in another continent, and what better way to do it than by setting foot in Mexico, one of the biggest markets in employee benefits in the world. We are looking forward to doing great things in this new market filled with talent and opportunity,” Ignacio Travesí, CSO and Co-founder, Cobee, tells MBN.


Executive Perspective 

Flexible Benefits: A Revolutionary, Social Responsibility 

Employee benefits often go unused because companies fail to link those benefits to their actual needs and interests, says Ricardo Francisco Migoya, Co-Founder, Maslow. The company is looking to reinvent the labor market through its platform, where each employee can choose the benefits they want and use them whenever they want. 


Increase in Vacations Will Boost Country's Productivity

Mexico is still below the ILO minimum for vacation days, but nonetheless the country has taken an important step forward in circumventing burnout and making work more dignified for all, writes Francisco Martinez Domene, CEO, Adecco. “On a global level, Mexico was among the countries with the fewest vacation days. In Latin America, it ranked last,” he adds.



Tech Layoffs Continue in the US, Stocks Rally 

Silicon technology giants including Google, Microsoft and IBM have announced layoffs in expectation of an economic slowdown. Despite the economic outlook, their stock values rallied in Wall Street as investors recognized their efforts to bolster profits before key earning reporting season. 

Photo by:   Drazen Zigic

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