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Women in Mexico Prepare for Strike

By Cas Biekmann | Fri, 02/28/2020 - 14:25

March 9 will be a day of national strikes for Mexico’s female population. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Labor (STPS) reports that inclusive strategies toward workers can lead to rewards. Read this and more in your weekly roundup!


March 9, Female National Strike

Monday March 9, women of Mexico’s NGO’s, universities, government entities, companies and the likes have announced a major strike across the country. One day after International Women’s Day, women will retreat from public life. This means they will neither produce nor consume for one day – this in protest of the rampant violence against women in the country. The movement #UnDiaSinMujeres or #UnDiaSinNosotras was born in response to particularly the horrid, widely publicized feminicides of Ingrid Escamilla and Fatima Aldrighetti.

El Economista reports that if women refuse to work for one day, 40 percent of the workforce will not be available. This translates to a sum of MX$37 billion (US$1.9 billion). It is a very large amount of money, and this is precisely the message the movement is hoping to get across.


Inclusive Attitude Results in Good Reputation and More Investment

STPS says that giving opportunities to people of different origins, conditions and profiles leads to various advantages for a company. When it comes to finding work, women and people who are younger, older, of indigenous origin or have a disability are the groups that face the biggest challenges and that feel the most valued once they do.

By incorporating these groups, STPS says there are plenty of economic benefits that range from having a more dedicated and appreciative workforce to an improvement in public image that leads to more investment in the long run.


STPS to Inspect 40,000 Companies In 2020

Throughout 2020, STPS plans to inspect a large amount of companies just as it did in 2019. It will do so by gathering cross-generated data between other institutions. Last year, STPS changed its protocols to be more effective in its inspections.


Leader in HR Services Randstad Forms Randstad Enterprise Group

The aim is to build new talent advisory infrastructure and create models that allow for better value for clients. The company is moving to bringing together several global teams with its Randstad Source to enhance its portfolio of services.

Furthermore, it announced 11 new executive leadership figures and its interest in working with blockchain to further improve its services.


CVs Are Not So Transparent

According to the report Contracting Risk Index 2020 from MultiLatin, the last three years the number of candidates lying about their education or experience has increased from 8 to 25 percent of all applicants. Infrastructure and mining are the two industries that are least affected, whereas professional services suffer the most.

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