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Workplace Revolution for Enhanced Performance

Thu, 05/09/2019 - 09:48

As people and cultures evolve, it is necessary for workplaces to adapt to the changing needs of their employees, Mariana Fresnedo, Global Events Manager of WeWork, told Mexico Business Forum 2019 held Wednesday at Hotel Marquis Reforma in Mexico City. Through an open environment that promotes collaboration, it is possible to generate a positive workplace culture that leads to happy employees, which in turn leads to higher productivity.

“Going to work does not have to be torture, especially as we spend 36 percent of our life at our job,” said Fresnedo. While the vast majority of individuals work, data indicates they are not too happy about it. “We measured that 76 percent of all employees are actively looking for a new job and 66 percent do not feel valued at their workplace.” She also explained that 85 percent of employees do not like their workplace and about 50 percent are unhappy with their work amenities. “Most shockingly, 58 percent of employees trust a stranger more than their own boss.”

As examples of the need for evolution in many aspects of life, Fresnedo pointed to disruptors that have fundamentally changed common activities that seemed set in stone, such as Uber’s impact on transportation. “However, offices remain the same: gray and unwelcoming.” She highlights that companies need to change. “New workspace cultures must be people-centered, as workers are a company’s main assets. This will allow companies to reach new levels.”

Many aspects impact a employee’s happiness at work, Fresnedo said, from something as simple as giving an employee the tools to perform their work, to generating a welcoming culture. For that reason, WeWork is developing innovative workspaces that focus on flexibility, which she said is key for innovation, talent retention, productivity, flexibility and workspace community. “At WeWork we focus on more than a workspace; we focus on creating a work environment.”

Fresnedo encouraged attendees at Mexico Business Forum to closely examine their workplace culture and gave them two initiatives to measure how welcoming their workspace is. The first was an analysis of the use of space in an office and whether it allows for communication flow. The second is the use of a private office for a month at WeWork. She encouraged them to take a deep look at their culture for employee retention. “Happy millennials are 25 times likelier to remain in a company long term.”