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Lack of social security and precarious employment conditions are among the reasons why migrants have been particularly affected by the pandemic
Guido van der Zwet
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Guido Van Der Zwet
General Manager Americas
iPS Powerful People
"We have seen these patterns emerge before...Shifts in salaries, and also salary expectations, have followed these kinds of situations."
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Experts discuss the changes in Mexico’s current working culture in the panel, “Transforming the Working Culture in Mexico – Lessons From COVID-19.”
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Weekly Roundups
The lack of childcare options in Mexico is hindering female participation in the labor force, according to the World Bank
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Women gathered around Mexico City’s National Palace to bring down the “Wall of Peace” erected by the government around the building.
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Tecnológico de Monterrey welcomed Dorothy Ruiz-Martinez, Mission Control Center Systems Ops at NASA, to its Women’s Day event.
Lennart Rietveld
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Lennart Rietveld
Mexico Director
WTS Energy
"Labor mobility and availability were limited by PEMEX’s hiring process. However, IOCs have been very interested in developing local content.…
Courtney McColgan
Startup Contributor
Courtney McColgan
CEO and Founder
Runa HR
In Mexico alone, it is estimated that closing the gender gap would increase Mexico’s GDP by more than 70 percent. How’s that for a business case?
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Bias in salary negotiations, the so-called motherhood penalty and lack of access to education are factors that contribute to the gender pay gap
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