5G is Invigorating Mexico’s Growing Digital Ecosystem
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5G is Invigorating Mexico’s Growing Digital Ecosystem

Photo by:   Uriel SC
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Cinthya Alaniz Salazar By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Wed, 02/23/2022 - 17:34

This week, América Móvil announced the launch of its 5G network technology in Mexico, further advancing the county’s burgeoning technology ecosystem and adjacent industrial sectors. Meanwhile, as public and private institutions continue to digitize their processes it is imperative that they include cybersecurity measures. Moreover, proptech solutions begin to gain traction in Mexico replacing the processes often perceived as highly bureaucratic and inefficient.

In international news, the COVID-19 pandemic brought to light the unquestionable rise of a global data-driven circular economy, thereby raising questions about the current rules and regulations guiding data collection and use.


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Key Tech Solutions to Boost the Life Span of Businesses in Mexico

The first few years of operation are the most difficult for nascent business in Mexico but technology solutions stand to help them overcome common pitfalls and have a longer lifespan, said an MBN expert contributor.   


America Movil Launches 5G in 18 Mexican Cities

Telcel’s parent company kicked off its 5G network launch in 18 cities throughout Mexico and plans to invest US$1.8 billion in the network’s horizontal expansion throughout Latin America. This infrastructure deployment will be the most important business empowerment tool in recent history, said business tycoon Carlos Slim.



A Decentralized Safe Space: Web3 and The Future of Online Privacy

Web3 will allow for a freer and equitable internet to rise out of the ad-invested nightmare users are scrolling today, writes Fran Villalba Segarra, CEO and Founder, Internxt.

“Web3 and the innovative technologies behind it reorganize the internet into a denser, more decentralized web. This new blueprint will change how the internet operates and give users more say on what is done with their data.”


Certified Professionals in Information Cybersecurity

Cero Uno is a one of the few cybersecurity companies that is 100 percent specialized in information security services, an invaluable asset in a highly diverse and growing cybersecurity ecosystem, said its Director General.


Hardware Plays Critical Role in Strengthening Cybersecurity

Absolute’s security software solutions are a market singularity because they are the only ones complemented by a hardware component, said Polo Sánchez, CCO.


Orange Investments: Building a Proptech Sector from Scratch

In the digital world, users expect on-demand real estate solutions. Orange Investments is working to meet this demand, said its Co-Founder and President Carlos Rousseau.

“Orange Investments is fully committed to digitizing the real estate process and supporting the development of a more competitive proptech sector in Latin America,” said Rousseau.


Facilitating Mexico’s Highly Bureaucratic Home-Buying Process

Clikalia leverages tech to educate its clients, facilitate transactions and help them find assets they can afford to keep, said COO Romain Benenati.



The Data Paradox: The Primary Conundrum of A New Era

To unlock the full potential of a data-driven economy, all participants need to rethink the data-related rules, regulations and governing bodies at a national and international level, said the World Economic Forum.


Photo by:   Uriel SC

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