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5G Technology Revolutionizes Television Production in Mexico

By Paloma Duran | Thu, 03/25/2021 - 17:36

Nokia concluded a trial with Mexico’s TV Azteca, the world's second largest producer of Spanish-language content, to analyze the use of 5G and EDGE technology in video transmissions. The test demonstrated the potential of new applications for television coverage in smart stadiums, as well as the use of platforms to offer augmented reality services and perform statistical analysis.

"The test was carried out using 100MHz of spectrum in the 3.5GHz frequency with Nokia 5G technology for central access and radio (RAN). TV Azteca tested the transfer of HD/4K video from the cameras to the encoding server without the need for additional infrastructure," reported Forbes.

Marcelo Entreconti, Director of Nokia Enterprise for Latin America, said 5G technology has the potential to transform the broadcasting and TV production business. Proof of this is that TV Azteca can broadcast live events in real time with high quality.

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-Daniel Uribe, Co-Founder and CEO of Genobank, developed a blockchain technology to certify COVID-19 tests to avoid alterations and to ensure that laboratories are performing these correctly. "It is worrying, because it is estimated that only in Mexico one in every five test certificates is falsified," said Uribe. Genobank is offering this technology in Mexico, which is now being used by 10 laboratories in the country.

-Mobility companies like Waze have not been left behind despite the new mobility challenges and restrictions caused by COVID-19. Anasofía Sánchez, Regional Manager for Waze Mexico in Mexico and Spanish-speaking Latin America, said she implemented several measures to help the company overcome the challenges of confinement. Sánchez explained that Waze's marketing strategy is to continue attracting and promoting companies that want to partner with Waze, in addition to educating companies about the potential of digital marketing.

-Global venture capital firm 500 Startups announced the Latin American companies that it will support during 2021. 500 Startups has decided it was time for a more radical change and now it will have a more individual approach to support these firms. "The companies will enter a new program we call ‘Somos Lucha,’ during which they will receive side-by-side support from 500 Startups and different international mentors for four months," said 500 Startups to Forbes Mexico. Among the seven selected firms, there are two Mexican startups: Yana and Contalink, which will receive investment of US$60,000.

-Incode Technologies has just raised US$25 million in the international capital funds market with DN Capital and 3L Capital, which will be used to bring its services to the banking, financial, e-commerce and mobile sectors in North America and Europe. Incode is a company founded by Mexicans, Americans and Serbs in 2015, which developed a facial recognition platform, which is used by important Mexican banks such as Banorte and Citibanamex. 

-Google Mexico launched two new smart speaker systems: Nest Mini and Nest Audio. The company explained that its original assistant is available on more than 1 billion devices and exceeds 500 million users per month. As a result, the company decided to improve its products. "We are dedicated to improving the entire audio experience, not only on the computer hardware but also on the supported software, to create a good experience no matter where you place the device," Nest Product Manager Chris Chan told Forbes Mexico.

-Google has announced a new tool called “Threadit” to make short videos. The tool can be used through a web application or extension for Chrome. The company has entered the short video market and has announced that, unlike its competitors, this application does not require download or installation.

-YouTube also launched a short video service on its platform to compete with TikTok in the US short video category. The Shorts service allows users to record vertical videos that can have special effects and music. Currently, the service has more than 6.5 billion daily visits around the world and YouTube has announced its plans to launch the service in America.

-In an interview with MBN, Victor Hugo Flores, Country Manager of Fintual, explains that wealth-techs are enterprises that mix high tech with financial solutions for wealth management. Flores explains that wealth-techs provide three main value-added services for investors: technology to reduce costs, disrupting the traditional financial landscape and financial education. He added that currently there are great opportunities for wealth-techs such as Fintual, which not only offers unbiased education but alternatives to build wealth as well.



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