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Advertisers Hold On to TikTok Despite US Government Threats

By Andrea Villar | Thu, 10/08/2020 - 17:29

TikTok has attracted thousands of brands that want to appeal to a younger audience. This has not changed much, even though the US government has been threatening the famous application for months, considering it a risk to national security. Companies such as P&G, Danone and Chipotle Mexican Grill remain committed to advertising on the platform, these brands confirmed to Reuters. However, they also said they are closely monitoring the situation and analyzing the possible implications for their campaigns.

One of the advantages that brands find in the Byte Dance owned app is that their campaigns go viral faster than in other digital platforms. “TikTok epitomizes what social media stands for in advertising right now,” John Petty, Head of Social Strategy at creative agency Wieden + Kennedy NY, told Reuters. The company works with TikTok advertisers including P&G and Samsung.

In the country, Pictoline, a Mexican company dedicated to making illustrations, registers more than 114,000 likes and more than 2 million accumulated likes. This is just a small success story of brands that have ventured to explore this social network. Mexico is currently among the Top 10 countries with the most TikTok users worldwide with 19.7 million users. 

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  • Democrats in the US Congress are targeting large technology companies. On Tuesday, Democrat members said that Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook hold "monopoly power" in key business segments and have misused their market dominance. If presidential candidate Joe Biden wins the November election, analysts foresee a strong congressional stance on technology companies.

  • Companies are now using models that generate a real-time response on their platform to offer a personalized product at the moment in which they have contact with the client. One technology at the basis of this acceleration is the cloud. “SAS is particularly active in the banking, insurance, retail and telecom sectors and everyone is moving to the cloud. The cloud environment offers three main advantages: cost savings, elasticity and the possibility to test models much faster, with more flexibility and at lower costs,” said in an interview with Mexico Business News this week Héctor Cobo, Vice President of SAS Mexico, Caribbean and Central America.

  • Oct. 4 to 10 marks the celebration of World Space Week, a UN-coordinated event that aims to highlight the contribution of science and technology to improving human lives. During this year’s edition, which has the theme “Satellites Improve Life,” public and private institutions from over 80 countries will hold events for the general public to increase awareness of the impact of this field in daily life.

  • DiDi announced this week a new feature in its DiDi Delivery service, which will allow you to request up to 10 simultaneous shipments through the application. This will allow users to deliver goods and products to different recipients in a more time-efficient manner.

  • Google said goodbye to its G Suite and welcomed Google Workspace, which will bring together Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Drive and other useful applications for school or work. “This is the moment when we free ourselves from defining the structure and role of our offerings in terms that were invented by someone else in a very different era,” Google's Vice President and General Manager of Workspace, Javier Soltero, told Fast Company.

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