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AI, Digital Healthcare, Cyberattacks: The Week in Tech

By Alejandro Enríquez | Thu, 06/24/2021 - 18:14

This week, leaders from the tourism, automotive, healthcare and mining sectors detail the role technological applications are playing in the transformation of their respective industries. This week top stories also include Dynatrace’s latest report on software intelligence and the how cyberattack threatens the healthcare sector. Guanajuato also bet strongly on transforming the state's manufacturing path toward “mindfacturing” by supporting tech entrepreneurs.

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How AI Decreases or Increases Our Consciousness

"Your body takes more than 50 percent of the decisions you make every day, including how to judge the past, dream the future or live your present. Nowadays, the body of humanity is more linked to AI than to Earth, other species, love or emotional consciousness," wrote Oscar Poblete, President Regulation and Development of Artificial Intelligence Association.

Protecting Cloud-Native Applications from Exposure

The adoption of cloud-native architectures, DevOps and agile methodologies is growing globally, according to an international survey of chief information security officers (CISO) by software intelligence expert Dynatrace. The poll aims to help understand how cybersecurity is being addressed today by companies around the world.

The Anywhere Clinic: Easy, Fast, Digital Healthcare

Jorge Luis Camargo, Co-CEO of Ecaresoft, details the future of healthcare. “Pandora’s box is open and there is no going back. In the last couple of years, new ‘digital-first’ medical practices like Forward Health, Carbon Health and One Medical have popped up in the market offering this type of convenience to patients,” he wrote.

Cyberattacks Threaten Healthcare Sector

No sector is safe from a cyberattack. Any company, large or small, has vulnerabilities that make it an attractive target to cybercriminals. Healthcare providers face further risks as the sector requires continuous electricity, interconnected services and on-going communication. Its stakes are also higher as cyberattacks can put human lives at risk, for which attacks in this sector can be considered a form or cyberterrorism.

Work With a Simple Approach in a Complex Environment

Felipe Villareal, CEO of Alian Plastics, explains key elements to undergo a digital transformation strategy. “Let's not complicate our organizations anymore and let's do what is in our power and control to simplify, to make those procedures simple, easy and user-friendly for our employees. Let's make simplicity generate greater happiness among our employees, customers and shareholders,” he wrote.

ICT As a Tool to Promote Change: Opportunity or Threat?

Joaquín Saldaña, Director of Strategy and Marketing of Huawei México, details the opportunities of ICTs to accelerate digital transformation. “For existing companies, the opportunity is twofold: by improving their current operational processes and value chain with ICT or by improving the products and solutions for their “new” tech-based customers. But still, the question is how?”

Every Crisis Is an Opportunity, Even in Hospitality

“The tourism sector is in a delicate moment, although with the opening of tourism and new measures, it is gradually recovering. We are immersed in a complicated situation but there are also many opportunities to update our offering, to think of new ways to reach customers and to adopt the best way to highlight our product. Every crisis can also be an opportunity to emerge stronger and with new challenges,” do not miss the Expert Opinion of Guillermo Gaspart, Co-CEO of Byhors Travel, an innovative startup in the tourism sector.

Guanajuato to Become a “Mindfacturing” Valley

Guanajuato State Governor Diego Sinhue introduced the “Mindfacturing Valley” strategy, which will pave the way for economic, industrial and educational development for the next 50 years. “Mindfacturing is not only a campaign slogan; it is a public policy with social, economic, educational, environmental and governmental targets,” said the state government on a statement.

Transforming the Mining Industry with Technology

As for the mining industry, Inovinta and its subsidiary Bestech, detail how an engineering operations firm evolved into a multidisciplinary solutions provider. Do not miss our interview with Marc Boudreau, CEO of INOVINTA, and Tyler Samson, President of SHYFTinc.

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