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AI Logistics Solution Aims to Save Lives, Time

Eduardo Allegre - Métrica Movil
Director General


Sofía Hanna By Sofía Hanna | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Thu, 03/17/2022 - 10:18

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Q: What is behind the growing interest in acquiring and analyzing data to improve fleet performance and why is this process necessary?

 A: We noticed 11 years ago the need to integrate data. At that time, we only included GPS data but we now manage different hardware and software systems on the same platform. We also support safe driving by using technology that monitors drivers and sends them alerts. This technology has reduced accidents in Mexico by 30-40 percent yearly.


These tools are necessary because they provide better control of fleets, help save lives and contribute to achieving our clients’ objectives.


Q: What are the functionalities of the Geotab device?

 A: This device connects to the vehicle’s computer and collects information to integrate it with the solution that customers request. In one success story, a client had a very high staff turnover. We developed and implemented a solution for drivers and talked to them to explain the benefits of GPS and telematics. Our solution implemented a model that awarded those who followed the rules of the fleet and even reduced staff turnover.


Q: What type of security solutions are being offered to companies with both small and large fleets?

 A: We have focused mainly on companies with large, global fleets because they are the most likely to adopt these solutions. These companies are more structured, have clearer objectives and want a higher level of automation and security for themselves and for their assets and staff. We integrate everything they need to achieve this security and automation into the same platform. Our plan is for the transportation industry in Mexico to gradually advance without needing multiple devices.


SMEs and innovators are gradually adopting more technology and we help them do that. We want them to understand these solutions are not exclusive to large companies. In the end, we aim to help logistics companies in Mexico adopt the technology by offering a simple platform that can generate standardized reports that can help them in their business. 


Q: How can customers rest assured that their information and that of their drivers remain private and secure?

A: Information and security are the basis of our work. We encrypt all the information from the port and store it in secure servers. Each client has its own database and we have a department dedicated to ensuring it is reviewed without errors so customers can be sure that their data is safe with us. 


Q: What opportunities do you see in the owner-operator segment?

 A: We have some clients in this segment. We want them to join the era of data because it is important for them to adopt the trends that will revolutionize their sector. By being part of this movement, we are also helping drivers formalize their work within the sector. We work with truckers from different parts of the country. 


Q: How has the cloud helped to strengthen your service portfolio and what further opportunities has it created?

 A: The cloud has helped us break multiple paradigms and offer diverse solutions. All our databases are in the cloud, which helps us to administer and manage the information. We have over 93,000 working devices connected, so the cloud allows us to provide continuous service.


Artificial intelligence allows us to identify patterns and generate solutions for our clients’ teams. To do so, cameras are essential but they must be taught what to record, which is where AI comes in. This technology has helped us grow because we are now able to address client needs in 14 countries.


Q: What sectors is the company hoping to become a part of?

 A: We want to reach all companies that use fleets and even those that use fixed assets, such as forklifts. We are also implementing a new solution for motorcycles that monitors driving habits and alerts the company if an unusual event occurs. We are also developing solutions for utility vehicles. Gradually, we will be able to collect more data and come up with solutions for simple devices, such as a refrigerator.


Métrica grew significantly during the past five years. We have strong data intelligence and R&D departments and we want to focus on trending areas such as electric vehicles. Our goal is to expand and provide many more solutions to our customers


Métrica Móvil is a technological ally for the acquisition, integration and analysis of data for fleet management, with a focus on security and productivity.

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