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AI: The Next Industrial Digital Transformation

Gustavo Gomes - Go Sharp


Sofía Hanna By Sofía Hanna | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Fri, 02/25/2022 - 08:35

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Q: How has Go Sharp applied AI in trade marketing and how can other businesses benefit from this technology?

A: Using AI in trade marketing is a novel concept. Today, it is possible to use numerous technologies to speed up tasks, such as image recognition using neural networks. This tech analyzes a photo to identify performance indicators that are later uploaded to dashboard analytics, making image interpretation faster. We also use machine learning algorithms to generate a complete vision of the tasks that should be executed next. It is faster for the AI to interpret a photo and later identify the steps (for) that will allow trade marketing to create the most value.

Before the incorporation of AI, trade was separate from marketing, sales and logistics. Today, everything can be brought together through a collective model. AI can tell the type of implementation or execution to take at the point of sale to increase sales.

We analyze everything. We look at what has already happened to generate a pattern based on what worked and what did not. Through product science, we can understand everything that happens and visualize the future.



Q: How different are your processes from retail to logistics and what benefits can they bring?

A: Sales, logistics and buyers are often separate. If a product runs out, the person from trade marketing has to inform the sales department, which must determine if the product ran out before or after it was supposed to be shipped and then inform the logistics department.

We are disrupting the industry by putting these departments together, merging different techniques so that models tell our clients how many products have been loaded and how many will be sold so every seller can maximize operations advantages. AI analyzes everything separately but generates results that consider logistics, delivery, sales and commercial planning.



Q: How are sustainability practices implemented in these processes?

A: The point of the whole process is to do more with less. For example, common considerations include lowering gas use and CO2 emissions during deliveries and reducing stress levels of truck drivers while improving the process. AI can create distribution plans that reduce consumption as much as possible.



Q: How does Go Sharp help SMEs implement new technologies?

A: We advise companies of all sizes. Small companies have the advantage of being more agile. We help these companies to grow using data from over 1 million-selling points. We can help them identify where to go first, depending on the type of company. The model works for companies big and small, from banks to gyms. The goal is to understand the best customer for the best product. B2B and B2C have different customer visions for sales channels. Because we monitor the two different routes, we know who buys from whom.



Q: How does Go Sharp help address the uncertainty some industries have over supply chain disruption?

A: Sometimes businesses sell so much they overwhelm their regular capacity and at other times, sales stop for a while. A similar situation occurs with containers because they follow market demand. In these cases, we use our technology to analyze sales and deliveries data to determine which will be delayed. Using AI, we predict when companies will be overstocked and when they will be out of stock. All of our models are based on advanced analytical models.



Q: How is all this collected data protected?

A: When we work with large companies, we follow compliance requirements to avoid certain information. The data we collect is transferred safely to the cloud. We do data processing but even a powerful computer cannot gain improper access to well-protected data.



Q: What are the company’s expectations for this year?

A: Last year we opened offices in Brazil and we expect before 2023 to have operations in the US. This year, we are looking for capital and a new partner to become a global company with an international presence. Our next step is to become a global brand by finding an ideal associate to continue developing AI because it will be integral to the next industrial digital transformation. The technology is here to stay.


Go Sharp develops disruptive technology to help the industry solve problems dynamically. Using AI to generate unique analytical and predictive capabilities, the company transforms the way people make decisions and do business.

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