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AI@3.3 Pre-serve parenting

By Oscar Poblete | Fri, 09/11/2020 - 13:24

We previously talked about five proposed parameters for most societies to develop in the future, so today we’ll start with a w chapter.

Parenting has been integral to human survival, the upbringing and socialization of children and the renewal of generations since ancient times. Parenting is and will remain one of the most significant and challenging roles of any society. Therefore, we need to describe how parenting is disconnected from family to family in our 2020 cities, and how it can sometimes be disconnected from the roles of mother and father.

Why is parenting so important to future societies?

If we are going to live longer lives and have more years of education, parenting is key to developing the necessary changes in our consciousness, values and principles. In the future, we must all start from common ground, having the same type of resources and opportunities.

We can invest the majority of our budgets to improve parenting, and to understand that parenting is the need and responsibility of human society. In order to explain the dimensions of the change, we can say that parenting in 2020 is closely related to motherhood, fatherhood and sometimes to siblings or the newborn. This never made sense because we segregated babies from the community, leaving them with the family only. As we now know, this behavior created separation from the beginning of each new life.

Doctrines, religion and knowledge start with necessity or abundance, it doesn't matter who the society around them is. That is why even the most advanced countries and societies today can not guarantee that they will be able to provide for all needs such as food, housing , and education in the distant future. The conditions and capabilities for providing children with these needs also changes as the population increases. In addition to that there is no plan for parenting, no forecast and plans to accommodate new lives into a more developed society and world. 

As you can imagine this is one of the more dramatic changes humans need to confront in the next three centuries in which war needs to be erased, inequality reduced to a minimum and education and people’s contribution increased to the maximum. Parenting coaches will appear and will start implementing new ways to develop the best in us. They will be separated from teachers because they will lead generations and not only one class in one year. They will be not only wise but also extreme visionaries because societies will appear as they imagined them 30 or 100 years later. Even when families continue their contribution of love, they will not be alone or disconnected from other humans. We will start erasing unnecessary behaviors faster than ever and science will evolve and correct what doesn't work within all forms of life and for the explored universe with each generation. War, pollution, crisis and loneliness will be furiously analyzed and vigorously evolved. Media will turn its attention to new global preachers not for religion but for human grace. Technology will continue to amaze us and new discoveries will be drastically more advanced.

As you can see, I decided to change the word “preserve” from the meaning of “keep” that I have used in previous articles to “pre-serve,” hoping that something starts before it just happens. Now, it's clearer that all the thoughts that I wrote previously will require a generation of change, a generation of parenting that wants to create a new world, behaviors and reasons to believe in us again as a race.

Compared to what we are now, this will be one of the most challenging turns we will make to evolve in the next four generations. 

If we understand this important change, the 3.3 world will be completely different.

Photo by:   Oscar Poblete