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AI@3.3 Preserve Education

By Oscar Poblete | Thu, 08/20/2020 - 14:13

Previously we talked about 5 parameters proposed for most societies to be developed in the future, this is the third description of what preserve means to me in the future using Artificial Intelligence (AI):

(e-dock-at-e) a new combination of words describing a new world for humans, this pandemic is without doubt the teacher no one expected. From shutting down cities, economies and blocking the way we live, spend and experiment the world. For me the new combination of words explains that we need to redefine what are the INPUT and Export ports we value the most in the new Societies.

Education brought me to where we are in the world right now. Two centuries ago, the old universities decided the master plan for humans in our time. They followed some principles to guide and also separate the doctor or physician from the engineer, writer, dancer or teacher. Based on those principles some of the more than 300 options were created. Some years they supported the peace times but they were also prepared for war times. As time passed and economy grew the mix of knowledge, hobbies and extra money to spend time, enjoy life and also retire when we are still capable to experience the world a new way of serving the economy and others appear again generating not only new channels but also new needs, trends and debt.

Based on this what defines education? our intelligence skills or our need to serve others and receive something in return. Sorry for being simplistic or pragmatic, I know education exist cause we all follow our dreams that sometimes started before we born. In one thousand years and using AI many things will be different cause creativity and innovations can be algorithm created, modified and studied. Some programing languages will be created by machines and only understood by them. Humans will focus big part of those years to eliminate pollution, build new cities, new farms, new transport solutions not only in earth but also in solar and galactic travels (time-space). For sure this will define new schools, materials, energies and universities. In average, the education of the entire world is 15% of our current life expectancy (LE). This is the first thing we need to change, for complex systems we need higher education averages. Using our previous divisions described in the article "preserving life", we have 4 blocks: 50, 100, 200 and 300 years of LE.  In all them can change from 15% to 75% of our LE and the reason is simple now in technology and innovation years every 10 years is equivalent to 100 years in the past.

In ancient times, the Greeks and Romans taught their classes outdoors, trying to make listeners use their 5 senses to understand words, concepts and the environment around them was an essential part of knowledge in a natural way.
I do not question whether a four-walled classroom or an e-learning program is the best way to share knowledge, AI exists to be an informative tool that manages to combine the classroom with the virtual class and greatly improve the feeling of learning.

This is the reason because education will be a new dock but that dock needs to be updated and synchronized to the entire context. We can imagine that e-learning is doable when we are responsible enough to take notes, investigate and take action with new knowledge. E learning is not a good option when we are too young, and we want to play and experiment the world with our senses. I assume this transition will be progressive and will take much more years than today. There is no need to have people available to work if they do not enjoy teachers, study and new learnings. New teachers will be divided between robots, people, videos, and block 4 society leaders (I will explain them in detail in the next articles).

We need to understand our world, diversity, planets, stars and galaxies and that will be a big change to compress all the new knowledge in the same years and systems we have now.

We need to understand that the idea of the global income will be relevant in the years of students and irrelevant when the years of real contribution start, that period is the last that I interpret for economy and the way we are committed with all and value the most important thing in humans CONSCIENCE.os

Photo by:   Oscar Poblete