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Automation Necessary as Threats Escalate

Julián Garrido - MNEMO
CEO Mexico


Sofía Hanna By Sofía Hanna | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Tue, 08/01/2023 - 09:00

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Q: What role does MNEMO play in the cybersecurity industry?

A: MNEMO fully focuses on cybersecurity, covering all necessary processes to keep our corporate clients safe. We help clients by managing all large-scale threats. In Mexico, we have over 220 employees working to understand criminal behavior, motives and techniques to ensure that the defenses we provide to our customers are the best suited for their needs. We have a cyber intelligence group in Mexico that helps us understand what attackers are thinking. We also help secure companies as they move to the cloud and build their security infrastructure. 

Q: How has MNEMO contributed to addressing cybersecurity challenges in Mexico and in other countries where it operates?

A: Most threats we receive in Mexico, on a per-sector basis, are different from those we see in Spain or Colombia. To use a soccer analogy, our office in Mexico is the best in the Mexican league. We understand local threats and how they relate to the Mexican corporate environment, where locals are embedded and act as informants. 

The offices in Colombia and Spain are also experts in their countries and have local ties to the authorities to provide the same service as us. 

Q: How does MNEMO Cyberdefense adapt its services to address the specific cybersecurity needs of the banking sector?

A: We were the first cybersecurity company with a financial certification and we have been helping financial institutions since 2014. We also built a platform to put together all the knowledge we have gathered throughout the years and make it available to any of our customers. This information regarding the cyberthreats and bad actors in the cybersecurity environment is highly relevant and really sets us apart. 

We focus on risk mitigation and we build strategies that find and address different types of risk. First, the financial risk that takes place if a criminal accesses a client’s money from their bank account. Second, the operational risk implied by a ransomware attack on a bank, meaning the bank loses its ability to operate. Third is compliance risk, as all banks need to comply with regulations or receive a fine. Fourth, the reputational risk a bank could incur if it loses customer information. Finally, the human risk, which applies to all sectors. 

Q: One of MNEMO’s goals is to address the lack of resources and cybersecurity  specialists. How has the concept of CISO as a Service evolved in different industries?

A: There is a lack of experienced people within the cybersecurity sector and this is a problem globally. Thus, our strategy is to improve our system through automation. We need to be consistent in our response to threats, keeping in mind that threats emerge every hour but the old ones do not vanish. To keep up, we need to automate the process. As a result, we are heavily investing in automation strategies. 

Q: What innovations or developments will MNEMO launch in the near future? 

A: Our business platform provides customers with a great deal of information on the threat landscape. We want to continue providing this information and evolve it into a more actionable service that informs customers we find a new threat, so they can respond accordingly. We want to automate this process, connect our platform to their infrastructure and make these queries automatic. 

We have also built indicators of compromise, which are systems that allow us to exchange information and follow the digital footprints of malicious attacks. Our platform produces almost 4 million indicators of compromise. Some customers upload this information manually to their systems, which is not manageable. It has to be automatic. 


MNEMO is an Iberoamerican company with international projection, providing 24/7 cybersecurity services through three SOCs. It is certified in CERT and a member of FIRST.

Photo by:   MNEMO

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