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Avoiding Food Waste Benefits Profitability, Sustainability

By Sofía Hanna | Wed, 07/20/2022 - 08:35

Q: How does amiPASS help both consumers and businesses reduce food waste?  

A: Witnessing the disposal of a large amount of food in a hotel made me reflect on the pollution generated by food production. Data shows that about 50 tons of food become trash per second, this is more than 3.3 thousand billion dollars annually. This project aims to address this problem with solutions for both consumers and businesses.

amiPASS allows businesses to manage their supplies and avoid selling at lower prices and wasting food. We also work with data to forecast the demand that businesses will have on specific days and incentivize consumers to visit businesses that are committed to the environment. We invite consumers and businesses to save the planet by eating. 


Q: What role is Mexico playing in the company’s strategy?

A: Our mission is to have a global impact on both consumers and businesses regardless of their size. But to achieve this, we need to reach the largest possible number of customers. Mexico is the most important Hispanic market because it has the largest potential for development. All companies in Latin America have Mexico in their scope. In Mexico, we aim to build our business network to offer our value proposition to consumers. Our value lies in our purpose, prices and dynamics. We help consumers to realize that they are just a click away from making something positive for the planet.

We must keep in mind that we live in a developing continent, where many live in poverty. Latin America’s population has needs that go beyond having a purpose, so we have to offer a solution that also benefits their finances. With our solution businesses can become more profitable by reducing waste and buying only what will sell. We offer our clients numerous options to consume, which is also our largest challenge because we need to include every type of business.

With large companies, we only integrate our solutions into their operations. We already are in the Chilean market working with large companies like Alsea, OXXO and others, for example.

However, when we work with small businesses, we rely on their level of digitalization and offer personalized solutions. Fortunately, the world is adopting digitalization, and at amiPASS we provide support and tools to digitize their businesses and boost their sales, either in-store or digitally.

Our target is to summon the more than 1.6 million businesses throughout Mexico and more than 130 million consumers to Save the Planet by eating.


Q: How is amiPASS helping to generate awareness regarding sustainability?

A: Younger generations have been very receptive to this message. Businesses are also taking real actions to benefit the environment that go beyond discourse or business goals. There is real interest in contributing to a better world. amiPASS offers a solution that perfectly aligns with this goal. Many of the companies that we work with have a global presence, helping us to have a larger impact.


Regardless of whether you are a consumer, business, or employer, you can join amiPASS to save the planet by eating and making a difference. Saving the planet by eating is everyone's mission. The moment is now; it wasn’t before, and it won’t be later. The environmental problem we have on Earth is here right now, today.


amiPASS is an eco-friendly company that creates apps for businesses and consumers to avoid food waste. It began operations in Chile and expanded to Mexico, starting with Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.

Sofía Hanna Sofía Hanna Journalist and Industry Analyst