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AWS' Supercomputing Supported by Arm's Tech

By Sofía Hanna | Thu, 12/03/2020 - 08:00

Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently announced the release of its new supercomputing service based on its self-designed processors using Arm technology. This makes Arm a strong contender against leaders Intel and Advanced Micro Devices.

The chip market was mainly led by these two companies until 2018, when Amazon released its own chip brand called Graviton, using technology from Arm, a company in line to be acquired by Nvidia. Arm has gradually gained ground in the chip market thanks to its energy efficiency, which helps to reduce costs, as stated in a Forbes article.

AWS’ supercomputing service is mainly used in tasks like medical analysis, climate forecast and modeling aerodynamics. The solutions that already existed represented high costs so AWS' objective was to make this service affordable, as only governments could afford this kind of technology, and to provide better performance than the competition, reports News Trends.

This is not the first time a big company starts to drift away from the main chip companies. Apple, which had been using Intel products since 2006, announced in October that now the company would be using its own processor chips. Apple is also using Arm technology to build its processors, according to an MBN article.

An article from The New York Times recognizes Intel as the dominant company in the chip market during the 20th century. However, the company missed a step in the development of chips for smartphones. There is currently a gap in the industry as most chip software is Intel-based, but change is bound to come, says the newspaper.

The use of cloud technologies has been rising and Amazon has led the shift away from in-house servers, even though there are still areas of opportunity. In November, the company suffered from a blackout that affected certain companies like Flickr, Spark, Roku. and the newspaper Baltimore Sun, as mentioned in a Forbes article. Nevertheless, the companies that have hired the service have reported a rise in their sales by 29 percent. A previous MBN article mentioned that AWS has also started to expand toward the automotive industry, specifically through a collaboration with Toyota Motor Corporation. AWS will help the OEM analyze data from its worldwide fleet of connected vehicles.

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