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Baby Steps Go a Long Way in Digitalization

Wed, 05/08/2019 - 13:08

Q: What are the main technological options offered by Crater Solutions to the Mexican business community?

JG: We provide technology solutions for businesses, which range from setting up a web page to more complex solutions such as implementing e-commerce or internal software for better company management. We have noticed that people and companies are not always aware of their technology needs. Besides offering technology services, we also help companies to adopt our solutions so they can improve their overall operations. This is the added value our clients receive when they hire our services.
Even though our main focus is technology, we work hard to provide the best possible customer service. All our clients have constant access not only to our team but to us. You not only need to know what you need but also what you want, which is why we offer our clients consulting services as well. 
JF: We are a boutique company, since all our services are tailored. Many of our clients come to us to implement big technology solutions but we have found that sometimes their business capacities do not require that big a solution. 
Q: What sector of the Mexican economy has been most receptive to your services?

JG: More than a particular industry or sector, we like to do analyses based on the type of company. Overall, though, the construction industry has been somewhat reluctant to implement technological solutions. In some cases, companies have taken too much time to adopt technology not because they did not want to implement it in their processes but because the solution they needed was not ready. In the end, however, it is the decision-maker who determines the level of readiness of the company itself and this is the person who has to break the barrier of fear related to technology adoption. 
JF: This happens a lot in family businesses. In general, younger generations are more adventurous, have more confidence in technology and are able to introduce changes. If control remains with the parents or grandparents, then change becomes more complicated. 
Q: How do you convince reluctant companies to implement technological changes?

JF: We conduct a detailed research of everything the company might need and then we talk to the person in charge of making the decisions. We convince them by showing them how their activities would improve. We try to work side by side with our clients so that we end up becoming their partners.
JG: Because we present information about how their business will be affected, the clients can directly see the benefit. We also try to facilitate the use of technology. Instead of offering them all the services they may need in one shot, we try to provide a step-by-step solution. 
Q: How do you determine what solutions to offer clients?

JG: Not every company needs all our solutions. Some companies start with just a webpage and from there it all depends on the company’s needs. We also offer augmented and virtual reality solutions but these are usually destined for more specific clientele, like those in the construction industry.
JF: We determine the services we offer based on demand. If a client has any technology requirement, we will find a way to help them. If we cannot do it, we have strategic partners with expertise in areas where we do not and we connect our clients with them.
Q: What are the company’s growth strategies?

JG: We are pushing our virtual and augmented reality projects in the real-estate market. The construction sector has been rather slow in the implementation of technologies but we have seen that virtual reality can have a significant impact when it comes to customer service in real estate. We are also growing our team to widen our reach. By doing so, we can start expanding to other large cities such as Monterrey, Puebla and Guadalajara.