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Becoming Data Driven; Extracting Added Value

By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Wed, 07/13/2022 - 18:39

While companies have invested significantly in data extraction and storage, they have yet to fully extract the added value that can be derived from it, according to industry experts from various sectors. Meanwhile, telecommunications took the center stage in the road to revolutionize fintech models and services, while technology applications are democratizing Mexico’s real estate market.


This week in Tech news and developments:



X-DATA: Better Business Decisions Based on Data

While companies recognize data as an important asset, many organizations have yet to extract their full potential, said Jorge Huerta, Chief Business Development Officer, X-Data. Learning to visualize this data is fundamental to analysis, business strategy and practical applications, all key considerations of competitive companies.


Digital Twins: The Foundation for Autonomy in Mineral Processing

The data generated by digital twin simulations could help Mexico’s mining sector achieve process autonomy by 2030, said MBN expert contributor Alvaro Rendón Montoya, Scientific Director, ECN Automation. Nevertheless, its realization presents “important challenges in training current collaborators in systems to remotely control equipment.”


The Importance of Telemetry in Industries

Telemetry management gives companies autonomy over their data management, a key difference-maker between one company and its competitors, says MBN expert contributor Belinda Quijano, Managing Director, Apollo Communications. “Operational monitoring allows us to acquire, transmit, visualize, store and analyze the entire productive operation of your business, resulting in a significant return on investment.”


Industry Applications

Telecommunications as a Service: A World of New Opportunities

“Telecommunications as a service (TaaS) has come to revolutionize business models, placing the mobile phone at the center of the marketing and sales equation,” said MBN expert contributor Nicolás Girard, CEO, OXIO. “This represents a massive transformation of the telecommunications industry, where the wireless business model will shift to an embedded experience within existing ecosystems.”


Latin America is Increasingly Welcoming Electronic Payments

“Despite the prevalent use of cash in the region, Latin America is a market where electronic payments are evolving,” said René Salazar, Head of Banking Solutions Latam, Fiserv. As Latin America’s technology ecosystem continues to evolve, “Fiserv aims to introduce solutions that leverage technology to provide the best services.”


Technology Can Democratize, Grow Real Estate Market

Technology applications are democratizing “the real estate market to make transactions in the sector much simpler and more accessible,” César Ruiz, Country Manager Mexico, Houm told MBN. “The efficiency our solutions create makes real estate transactions more accessible to the various stakeholders involved.”


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