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Contactless Payment is Emerging in Mexico

By Sofía Hanna | Thu, 12/24/2020 - 17:28

This Week in Tech showcases contactless technology, which is breaking ground in Mexico, while Amazon’s is about to open a new logistics center in Yucatan, and Project Titan, Apple's initiative to develop its self-driving car is ready to shake the automotive industry, this and more in your weekly tech roundup!  


Contactless technology has increasingly being used and developed in other countries, the good news is that Mexico has been gradually breaking into that technology.  

The way this digital tool works simply requires the user to swipe their device in front of the terminal and the transaction is completed.

This method benefits users by diminishing physical contact. It also allows companies to integrate hardware into systems where they can be operated remotely, such as printers and control printers.

Some of the companies that are trying to get into this unexplored market in Mexico are Apple with its platform Apple Pay and Whatsapp with Whatsapp Pay.


New FaaS Regulation a “Death Sentence” Tell Industry Experts

A new regulation was introduced by the National Banking and Securities Commission called "Death Sentence," which states that only banks or fintech companies that already have the authorization to operate can present themselves as a financial service provider.


Amazon’s To Open New Logistic Center in Mexico

Mauricio Vila Dosal, governor of Yucatan, announced that Amazon would be opening a new logistics center in Umán.

This represents a big step for the company and the state because it means that the expansion of Amazon reflects the commitment they have with their Mexican customers by providing them with excellent customer service. . For the state, this logistics center will help Yucatan attract more investments and develop economically.

"We have been on a streak, since August, opening wind farms, distribution centers, cement plants and real estate developments, which tells us that things are being done well in Yucatan," Villa said.  


Tech firms in a legal filing say NSO Group.

A spyware made by an NSO Group is supposed to be powerful and dangerous, which is why American companies have been saying that the Israeli company should be held liable to US anti-hacking laws.

Whatsapp has been affected by this spyware and claims that 1,400 of its users were targeted.

The case was taken into the US court but has been temporarily delayed until the higher court resolves the company's defense questions.


Apple targets car production.

Apple has been developing its self-driving car, ready to be launched by 2024. This Project is known as Project Titan, its design began in 2014. Anonymous sources who have been working on Project Titan have said that the company has all the resources needed to develop this product and that the idea is for it to be a personal vehicle.

It is still unclear who the company will choose to assemble the vehicle, but Apple will rely on a manufacturing partner, according to anonymous sources.


The data used in this article was sourced from:  
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