Santiago Cardona
Intel Mexico
Expert Contributor

Creativity, the Key Process Behind the Technologies

By Santiago Cardona | Tue, 09/29/2020 - 09:10

The pandemic generated by COVID 19 has created a series of unprecedented challenges in every industry, and without a doubt, has changed the world forever. Today, we begin to understand that this is a phenomenon that will not vanish completely and that we’ll have to learn to live with the massive disruption generated by it. Fortunately, technology has been, and will continue to be, our main ally in achieving this.

The development and implementation of emerging technologies such as AI, advanced data analytics, or 5G telecommunications networks, has the potential to enrich businesses of all sizes in practically all industries. And while these benefits are already a reality, it is not always easy to see the critical path we must take to use them to overcome the challenges and to capitalize on the opportunities of a changing and complex world. Where to start?

Let's start by recognizing that we are in a historic moment that requires the best of us, our ability to innovate, collaborate and create; and that those companies that act with agility in the face of change, will remain relevant and competitive.

The pandemic changed the rules of the game in practically all industries. It changed the way we live and relate, making profound changes in the way we do business. Behind every video call, online class, or virtual work conference that we have had during this contingency, there is a microprocessor, and technologies that enable their compute power. This would not be possible without the work and passion of employees at Intel's design and development centers, one of which is in Guadalajara, Mexico.

The Guadalajara Design Center is one of the most important validation centers for Intel in the world and has more than 1,100 highly specialized employees who are dedicated to design and test technologies, that will be used in the next 3 to 5 years – so we basically building the future. These engineers are responsible for the technological innovations that supports more than 95% of the Internet, communications, and government digital infrastructures, according to IDC data. If we think of it in this way, it is easy to understand that the role of these people is essential to the world, and in other words, how Intel is essential to the world.

Technology has become a fundamental requirement for all companies to operate, and yet technology is not the only component to achieve success. It is the people and their creativity that is behind these technologies. The importance of people’s creativity is a reality applicable to any company, regardless of its line of business. 

The first step to modernize a business must begin with the strategic empowerment of the organizational culture, so that it is people who, with technology as an ally, drive innovation and the sustainable growth of operations.

To do this, we must rethink the nature of the necessary skills to allow the company's talent to take full advantage of the benefits of emerging technologies, as well as new ways of working, that promote the generation of ideas and personal development. In this way, an organization can identify the strengths to select the right profiles for the right tasks and implement a successful digital transformation strategy. 

For us, keeping people working and being productive in difficult circumstances has been a priority. And although it has represented a lot of hard work to reinforce the organizational culture of the more than 100,000 people who work at Intel in the world, we´ve achieved that 90% of our staff work remotely, helping to maintain our constant growth and success of the company.

A process like this can help you to rethink everything you know about your business, about your customers and your relationship with them. This is the only way to identify those processes that need changes, or optimization, to enter the world of modern business. Today more than ever, we need to reinvent ourselves and be twice as good and agile to innovate.

Any organization can go beyond and be part of a modern ecosystem of business. But it takes a lot of talent, a clear direction, and of course the implementation of disruptive technologies. Technology and people are the two key components to create modern businesses and that, with all certainty, will help any company to become a future reference in the market.

Photo by:   Santiago Cardona