CrowdStrike Names New Country Manager for Mexico
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CrowdStrike Names New Country Manager for Mexico

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Cinthya Alaniz Salazar By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Mon, 05/09/2022 - 09:25

After two years of incessant cyberattacks, Mexico’s burgeoning technology ecosystem has cultivated a cognizance for cybersecurity, transforming the country into a strategic market in Latin America. To seize this market potential, CrowdStrike has named Luis Miguel Padilla as its new country manager to lead the company’s strategic route-to-market and augment its presence through technology and business alliances.  

“The organization is in a phase in which it intends to penetrate the market in an important way. Over the past five years, we have cultivated a good name brand and generated trust among our clients in a way that has garnered interest. Now, we are in the process of expansion and cementing our presence by hiring personnel, increasing segmentation and growing our client portfolio,” Padilla told Mexico Business News. 

Recognizing its prospective value, CrowdStrike preemptively entered the Latin American market in 2017 as a cybersecurity leader specializing in cloud-delivered workload and endpoint security. Its bet would come to be secured by the digital transformation that proliferated the adoption of cloud services and cybersecurity solutions, helping expand its customer base in Mexico and Latin America. These macroeconomic conditions positioned CrowdStrike in a favorable market position; ultimately contributing to the company’s US$986.1 million revenue earnings, a growth of 75.1 percent over 2019-2020 according to an IDC report. 

CrowdStrike’s market share points to a vast disparity to other cybersecurity companies that have only expanded to Mexico in the last two years. With a strong foundation in place, CrowdStrike is now looking to cement its presence in Mexico with greater segmentation throughout the country to be closer to clients. Furthermore, this route to market will be carried out in partnership with its regional technology and business alliances as a means of fomenting the likelihood of success of its route-to market strategy, said Padilla. 

This strategy also considers how the concept of cybersecurity has evolved in Mexico, which is now widely recognized as vulnerability for public and private institutions alike. The majority of companies are cognizant that preparedness is central to this dynamic and ever-evolving challenge, which has allowed CrowdStrike to have more in-depth and educative conversations with its clients, explained Padilla. Advanced cybersecurity maturity has allowed companies to recognize the added-value of continuous, real-time threat identification, stopping threats at the source instead of reacting to them. 

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