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Customer Satisfaction at the Heart of Business Strategies

By Andrea Villar | Thu, 07/29/2021 - 18:12

This week took us through the journey that companies are undergoing to meet the demands that consumer evolution is placing on them. In an interview this week, Salesforce addressed the shift in consumer behavior that has sparked the need for companies to rethink how they approach their customers. Meanwhile, Intelimetrica's CEO took to the pages of Mexico Business to write about the biggest challenge retail and food companies are facing today: logistics. Meanwhile, Getin's CEO and CO-Founder discuss how companies are adapting their strategies for both their physical and online shops. 

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  • Going digital is no longer an option for companies; it is a must, said Pilar García, General Manager of Salesforce Mexico in an interview this week. In recent months businesses around the world have noticed the shift in consumer demand for a better and faster customer experience, she said. This has set the bar higher for companies, which have no choice but to keep up with market demands. “Customer experience is the new frontier in business differentiation.” Read the complete conversation here.


  • Twitter's efforts to help brands reach potential customers on its platform through improved ads paid off in 2Q2021, delivering a 74 percent increase in revenue compared to the same period last year. The social networking company announced revenue of US$1.19 billion versus the US$1.07 billion expected by analysts. Twitter added seven million new users in 2Q2021, an 11 percent increase in monetizable daily active users that brings the company's total audience to 206 million daily users. The complete article here.


  • What role will malls play in the future of retail? While some say their days are numbered, others say they will be the perfect complement to digital channels. In this article, Anabell Trejo, CEO and Co-Founder of Getin, writes about the myths surrounding brick-and-mortar shops, the common mistakes companies make in this area and how to overcome them. “The retail industry is moving faster than it might seem and this is pushing brick-and-mortar stores to adapt quickly to their shoppers’ trends,” she says.
  • The major logistics challenges are in the last-mile delivery process, especially in getting IT and key commercial data to converge, wrote Mario Gamboa, CEO of Intelimetrica, this week. “This is the most critical step in the delivery process and one that businesses need to control and make sure is as quick and efficient as possible, especially in the food and retail sectors.” In this article, Gamboa explains how logistics got from being a neglected area to the most critical one for customer satisfaction. 
  • As part of its Industry 4.0 initiatives, aerospace giant Airbus introduced its new achievement: fully automated solar array production for aircraft and spacecraft. This new project incorporates 18 different robots working in tandem for the seamless construction of solar cells. Its advantage, explains Airbus, is that it “never gets tired and doesn’t make any mistakes.” The 18 collaborative robots are all named after stars in the Milky Way galaxy. Andreas Vogel, Head of Engineering & Operations at Spacecraft Equipment, commented that the facility “combines automation, robotization, digitalization and artificial intelligence to boost our productivity, quality and cost-efficiency.” Click here to know the full process. 


  • McKinsey’s top 10 trends in tech have the potential to change the automotive industry. Most of these trends gained a stronger momentum just five years ago while others, such as next-generation computing, distributed infrastructure and trust architecture have lost some. Applied AI remains unchanged given its centrality to different sectors. “These are the trends drawing the most venture money, producing the most patent filings and generating the biggest implications for how and where to compete and the capabilities companies need to accelerate performance,” writes the company. Click here to learn about the 10 top trends and how they influence automotive businesses.
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