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Cyberattacks Remain an Underestimated Threat

By Jan Hogewoning | Thu, 06/25/2020 - 15:40

Q: Why should companies hire Tec Pluss to install and manage their technical infrastructure?

A: For 17 years, Tec Pluss has been an important player in the sector, adopting effective processes to help our clients with their technical infrastructure needs. Our company is one of five in Mexico able to provide ISO:20000 certified systems. This means that we provide solid solutions that include hardware, software and management of systems. In addition to ISO:20000, we have the ability provide systems certified by Windows and many other entities.

Q: What is your service model?

A: We offer turnkey projects where we review the client’s system. We then install equipment and software and proceed to administer the system to ensure it functions optimally and securely. While we work with any operating system and a variety of software, we can also work with applications that are specific or even built by the client itself. We provide continuous training for our staff to ensure that they are fully capable. We also provide training to the staff of our clients, so that they can work with the systems we offer.

Our projects range from very simple, such as renting out equipment, to managing sophisticated systems that include computers, printers, screens, projectors and more. We assist in licensing, as well. We have a service center that is available 24/7 and is able to solve 98 percent of system issues within the time established in the service level agreement. Our service center has its own electricity generation, which means that the power basically never cuts out. We also have people onsite ready to assist in the case of an incident. One example is the Mexico City International Airport, where we run the entire issue tracking system.

Q: What are your biggest government projects at the moment?

A: The government is our biggest client. For INEGI, we administer all printers at a national level. If they need to move equipment because they are carrying out a census operation, we organize it for them. Another major project we are involved in is the National Guard’s purchase of 25,000 computers. They have asked us to remove the old equipment, install the new machines, transfer the data to the new computers and delete all sensitive material from the old computers. In addition, the new systems will need to be certified. 

Another major process we are involved in at the moment is the government’s initiative to centralize all purchases of new equipment under the Office of the Presidency and the Ministry of Finance. This means that all other ministries now have to acquire their infrastructure through them. The primary reason is that the government wants to avoid corruption and mismanagement of funds. The process is complicated because they want to order 550,000 computers this year, which will be a multibillion-peso deal. Dell, HP and Lenovo, the biggest PC manufacturers in the world, are struggling to meet this order within the delivery time. We are involved in the installation of approximately 70,000 units.

Q: Are companies and institutions underestimating the risks of cyberattacks?

A: Definitely. However, awareness has gone up because of recent attacks. We work with Bancomext, which was hacked in 2019. It asked us to change all computer disks. We also are now working with PEMEX, which is also a hacking target. This has required all servers to be substituted. Unfortunately, there are still many large companies that do not have the adequate protections in place. You can look at cybersecurity like Swiss cheese: there are many holes where an attacker can get in. We work with a company called West Coast Security, one of the premier cybersecurity agencies in the world, to fill those holes.

Budget is the primary issue when it comes to implementing better cybersecurity at government agencies. While they are aware of the problems and they have capable people, they do not have the budget to invest in a quality and complete system. Cybersecurity is a secondary priority in the budget.

Q: What is the financial benefit of working with Tec Pluss?

A: We provide all services in one, which saves on costs. The alternative is to contract different players to acquire the equipment, maintain it and license it. We can offer an integrated service with a solid discount. We also provide the option of renting equipment, which can save companies from having to make a major one-time investment to buy all the equipment they require. The rental periods are between 36 and 48 months. We guarantee that our rented equipment works optimally, meaning that clients can be assured the equipment will not fail. In addition, because we offer an integrated system that includes systems management, we greatly lower the number of inefficiencies and failures. 

Q: How can you assist companies with home office needs?

A: Many companies are looking to rent equipment, especially now with the COVID-19 pandemic keeping employees at home. Semi-new laptops are particularly popular as companies have to make a fast migration to home environments.  


Tec Pluss installs and administers technological infrastructure for public institutions and the private sector. Its clients include INEGI, the Mexico City International Airport and MAPFRE

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