Cybersecurity Legal Framework Expected for 2023
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Cybersecurity Legal Framework Expected for 2023

Photo by:   Tingey Injury Law Firm
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Cinthya Alaniz Salazar By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Thu, 01/05/2023 - 16:16

Mexico’s bilateral cybersecurity agreement with the US forecasts the development of a legislative framework and national security strategy. In line with this expectation, IQSEC outlined five guiding principles legislators should consider during the drafting process. In industry news, phishing campaigns are expected to skyrocket. 

In international news, the Bifrost Rosarito Submarine Cable System is set to link Singapore with Mexico and boost digital growth and broadband connectivity. 


This week in Tech news and developments: 


Rapidly Evolving Cybersecurity Landscape Requires Legislation

Perceived as a country with a soft cybersecurity posture, Mexico continues to be at the center of concentrated attack efforts by cybercriminals. Without a federal cybersecurity legislative framework in place, companies have had the autonomy to establish or disregard cybersecurity controls, placing consumer data at risk and through communalitive disruptions the country’s greater economic productivity.

IQSEC Calls for Overdue Cybersecurity Legislation

Mexico’s cybersecurity legislation has failed to keep pace with the accelerated evolution of cyberthreats, forcing companies to inflate budgets to combat cyberattacks independently. Lessening this economic pressure calls for a legislative framework that establishes corresponding sanctions to reduce high rates of digital insecurity, says cybersecurity and digital identity company IQSEC. 


Industry Trends 

Phishing on the Rise

As technology adoption grows, financial frauds through practices such as phishing are expected to increase in 2023, according to the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). Educating employees, the most vulnerable links in the security infrastructure, should be a priority for companies to avoid phishing campaigns. 

The Power of Data to Understand Your Own Business

“Data can tell us a story about our community, our industry and even about ourselves. We just have to be ready to look carefully and read between the lines. Although it will not be always so obvious — because at the beginning we won’t know exactly what we are looking for — studying our own data with an open mind… is definitely worth the effort,” said German Peralta, Co-Founder, Jokr. 



Bifrost Cable System Pave Way for Digital Growth

The Bifrost Rosarito Submarine Cable System (Bifrost), set to link Singapore with Mexico and boost digital growth and broadband connectivity in Asia and North America, is intended to start operations in 2024. When completed, the Bifrost will be the highest capacity system across the Pacific Ocean and will also feature a significant innovation: the use of SDM1 technology. 


Photo by:   Tingey Injury Law Firm

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