Data Protection, Restoration: The Heart of Cybersecurity
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Data Protection, Restoration: The Heart of Cybersecurity

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By MBN Staff | MBN staff - Tue, 05/31/2022 - 16:54

The primary focus of cybersecurity professionals is to protect data assets from unauthorized access and theft, an unrelenting challenge complicated by the shifting nature of digital infrastructures. Urgency to develop counteractive security solutions has engendered new security controls, solutions and even forced companies to reconfigure their digital infrastructure, a topic that will be further discussed at Mexico Cybersecurity Summit 2022.

Data has become the currency of the digital economy, being the active assets that companies rely on to make informed business decisions, increasingly in real-time. As such, its storage and protection have become a primary concern for companies,  its security essential to preserving consumer confidence, stakeholder confidence and business competitiveness. This undertaking has become considerably complicated for companies whose expanding digital infrastructures have engendered new vulnerabilities for cybercriminals to exploit. 

This scenario has forced cybersecurity companies to be proactive in the development of security controls, leading to the development of new security solutions and the adoption of security frameworks. The migration towards cloud and edge services in particular has generated a demand for solutions that provide visibility and security to these peripheries. These services are increasingly coupled with Zero Trust security controls such as double authentication and micro-segmentation infrastructure changes. On the other hand, while the main objective is to circumvent security breaches, there is a growing market appetite for data disaster recovery and other reactionary cybersecurity services. 

This topic will be further discussed by industry experts who will expand upon the most pressing trends in the sector at Mexico Cybersecurity Summit 2022. The event will also cover the long-term opportunities of the industry, such as Evolving Digital Infrastructures, Unique Security Challenges in the Cloud and AI and ML applications. During the event, industry leaders will outline how tech and innovation are helping companies across industrial sectors fight a wave of incessant cybersecurity threats.

Mexico Cybersecurity Summit, now hosted on Zoom, will break geographical barriers and welcome global industry leaders to discuss the most pressing cybersecurity trends, while simultaneously minimizing COVID-19 related risks or possible outbreaks. The event is organized by Mexico Business, which hosts conferences on Mexico’s most important industries and in 2021 welcomed 2,136 industry-shaping companies and 758 speakers to 13 industry-leading conferences.

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