Digital Applications Continue to Create New Opportunities
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Digital Applications Continue to Create New Opportunities

Photo by:   Mathew Schwartz
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Cinthya Alaniz Salazar By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Wed, 03/16/2022 - 17:12

Companies across all industries, foreign and domestic, continue to experiment with technology applications and solutions. In Mexico, the state of Jalisco makes a significant stride at addressing the digital gap. Meanwhile its northern neighbor, faces a crippling talent deficit and is looking for tech specialists south of the border, leading to the arrival of recruitment platform Turning in Mexico. Industry leaders discuss the significance of technology applications and opportunities in the future of logistics and health.

In international news, Twitter and Drift announce new digital commerce opportunities.


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Jalisco Expands Internet Access to 125 Municipalities

Infinet Wireless, global vendor of fixed wireless broadband connectivity solutions, helped Jalisco address its existing digital divide and increase public connectivity coverage to 125 additional municipalities emanating outward from its capital, Guadalajara.


Turing Arrives in Mexico to Look for Talent

At the behest of high demand in the US, recruitment platform Turing has initiated operations in Mexico to connect local developers with companies located in the US that require their high-level technical skills.



Reintegration of Supply Chains: The Next Step

With a post-pandemic global economy on the horizon, broken value and supply chains will be tasked with reintegration.

“In Mexico, and some parts of Latin America, suppliers are key players in value and supply chains, not only because they collaborate in the design and creation of products but also because they are the main source of financing for companies,” said MBN expert contributor Sergio Hernández, President and CEO, CIAL Dun & Bradstreet.


The Evolution of Health Services: An Opportunity for Reinvention

The health sector has a powerful opportunity to accelerate innovation and reinvent itself. The pandemic, with all the negative change it represents, can also be the catalyst to activate this transformation, writes Adrián Alcántara, Director General, Doctoralia General.

New tools and technologies promise more precise and expansive care, along with greater efficiency. Without a doubt, the future of health systems is digital.”



Twitter to Enter the Social Commerce Race

The technology company began testing “Shops” in the US this week in an effort to enter the US$45 billion market for social commerce. The new feature will allow companies to showcase up to 50 products to shoppers on Twitter.


FLASH Miami: Introducing Drift’s Conversation Cloud

B2B commerce and marketing company Drift consolidated its three core conversational solutions to empower organizations to deliver a personalized experience at all stages of the client’s journey on a singular cloud solution platform.

Photo by:   Mathew Schwartz

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