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Digital Platforms Work to Stop Spread of Hate

By Miriam Bello | Thu, 09/02/2021 - 15:49

Platforms are strengthening their efforts to fight hate speech and integrating policies to avoid multisectoral problems such as election interference. Meanwhile, online retailers explore new payment methods.

Here is the week in Tech!

Fintech Companies Strengthen Capabilities

Konfío, a fintech specialized in providing loans to small and medium-sized enterprises, has completed the purchase of Sr. Pago platform, which will allow the former to expand its product offering in the short term. Sr. Pago had become one of the most important players in mobile point of sale (MPOS) and e-commerce in Mexico. Read MBN full article on the purchase.

Mexico’s IFT to create 5G Committee

In light of the economic generative potential that 5G offers the Mexican economy, the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) is looking to promote the development of this network by creating a committee of industry stakeholders to encourage collaboration and competition. The committee looks to provide non-binding recommendations to analyze each case and even review if the assignment of a certain spectrum is required for a specific application to develop. Read MBN’s coverage on what this will imply for the industry.

Amazon Implements Buy Now, Pay Latter Modality

Amazon partnered with payment network Affirm to test the Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) modality with select consumers on its platform. If found viable, the project will be made broadly available across the platform, according to a press release by Affirm.

Twitter Against Hate

Social media companies are working to stop the spread of hate in their widely used networks. This week, Twitter announced a “Safety Mode” that protect users from hate speech and will temporarily block the accounts that use “potentially harmful language” and bully other accounts. According to Twitter, this a joint work between the company, experts in human rights and mental health advocates.

Twitch Users to Protect Each Other

Twitter is not the only platform addressing hate speech. This week, gamers on the platform Twitch called for a live broadcast strike to protest against the wave of racist and misogynistic harassment faced by many content creators and to demand that the platform take measures to better protect them. Twitch users called this global protest #ADayOffTwitch.

Facebook is Asked to Control Misinformation

Facebook received widespread criticism from its handling of content during the last US Presidential election. As a result, the network is creating a new Election Commission to combat misinformation during election times, specially during the incoming US midterm elections. This new area will also work during other election processes around the world . Read the complete NYT article on the subject here.

WhatsApp Receives Multimillion Fine for Data Misuse

WhatsApp has been fined US$267 million for breaking the EU’s data privacy rules, The Verge reported. Ireland’s Data Protection Commission (DPC) announced the decision noting that WhatsApp did not properly inform EU citizens how it handles their personal data, including how it shares that information with its parent company. WhatsApp has been ordered to update its privacy policy and change how it notifies users about sharing their data. This will bring it into compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which governs how tech companies gather and use data in the region.

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