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The Digital Transformation Is Just Beginning

By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Thu, 09/15/2022 - 09:00

While the buzz around the digital transformation has cooled, industry leaders look ahead to the business and market potential enabled by emerging technology applications. Technology integrations during the COVID-19 pandemic were necessary, but as companies exit a survival mindset, they should consider the capacities of emerging technologies.


This week in Technology news and developments:


Keeping It Simple Is All About Automation and Integration

Market pressures and the conveniences enabled by cloud computing services encouraged many organizations to begin their cloud migration, a transformation characterized by its own challenges. To mitigate potential risks, organizations would benefit from employing the integration of an updated inventory system and the automation of security controls based on continuous risk assessments, according Angel Israel Gutierrez, CTO, A3Sec. 


Micro SaaS: The Answer for Mass AI Adoption in Latin America

The adoption of AI in Latin America is in an early stage, mainly due to the fact that a great part of the economy lies in small and medium-sized companies that can hardly invest in AI R&D. Nonetheless, accessible micro-SaaS can be a viable alternative to AI adoption in a cross-industry manner, says Aldo Luevano, CEO, Roomie. 


Highly Synergistic Ecosystems Advance I4.0 Digital Transformation

The primary objective of implementing I4.0 technologies within the manufacturing industry is to support and facilitate the digital transformation of all processes. The adoption of digital transformation in Mexico’s manufacturing industries depends on the synergy of the famous triple helix of government, academia and businesses, says Matías Bertoni, Director General, Tecnoap. 


Efficient Processors Allow for Better Data-Driven Solutions

Data-oriented solutions are becoming increasingly important for companies around the world. At the same time, advances in emerging technology have created a demand for augmented processing capacity. Adaptive computing is likely to play an important role by enabling businesses to dedicate processors to unique functions, says Luis Gerardo Garcia, General Manager, AMD. 


Facial Biometrics Protect Users, Help Companies

The digital identity concept is growing by leaps and bounds, stemmed mainly from organizations looking to deliver increasingly frictionless experiences. An ecosystem premised on reusable digital identities has the potential to meet this demand, an adoption process that is expected to revolutionize the way companies approach users and even their own processes, says Samer Atassi, Vice President Latin America and Caribbean, Jumio. 


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