Digitalization: Key for Ensured Competitiveness
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Digitalization: Key for Ensured Competitiveness

Photo by:   Markus Spiske, Unsplash
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Alfonso Núñez By Alfonso Núñez | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Thu, 12/09/2021 - 18:28

According to industry experts, automatization and technology adoption are a reality across sectors. Data collection, cybersecurity tools and endpoint visibility are also increasing their value as company must-haves, while ergonomic furniture and family-owned business expansions present interesting opportunities for the future of business.

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Smart Factories Connect Industries to the Future

The fast adoption of technology and automation brings benefits to companies regardless of the industry, agreed experts during INFOR’s “Technology Trends 2022 in Manufacturing and Distribution in Latin America” online event. Panelists highlighted that modernizing factories will secure Mexico and Latin America’s long-term competitiveness as the region’s cheap manual labor becomes less of an advantage.

The Future is Data for Learning Institutions

Mario Gamboa, CEO, Intelimetrica, explains how data lakes and analytics are allowing universities to improve by better understanding student behavior through the analysis of critical events and reoccurring patterns.

The Benefits of Ergonomic Furniture for Any Company

Ergonomic furniture may mean a costly expense but can create a significant difference in occupational health, productivity and creativity. Mario Espinosa, VP Americas & The Caribbean, Herman Miller, breaks down these benefits, proving the efficiency behind ergonomics.

Cybersecurity Tools to Avoid Home Office Data Breaches

The pandemic trend of moving company workers to home offices brought about risks for data breaches. In an interview with MBN, Ana Padilla, Director, iDric, shares her views on the Mexican job market by explaining current challenges as well as the company’s operations and future plans.

Endpoint Visibility Key to Preventing Vulnerabilities

Miguel Llerena, Regional Vice President Latin America, Tanium, talked with MBN about the visibility of a company’s endpoints and IT’s role in handling vulnerabilities. Llerena also discussed the company’s collaborations and cybersecurity risks companies at large are facing.

Tips to Transform a Family Business Into a Scalable Company

From his own experience in building a scalable family business, Martin Urrutia, Co-CEO, Auronix, explains the process of turning a family business into an internationally expandable tech company with world-class talent. Urrutia describes this transformation process step-by-step, sharing his expectations for Auronix in 2022.

Photo by:   Markus Spiske, Unsplash

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