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Digitizing the World of Work Through a Single Platform

By Antonio Gozain | Wed, 08/17/2022 - 10:30

Q: How does ServiceNow’s platform change the experience of collaborators within companies?

A: ServiceNow is the global digital transformation leader. We specialize in the digitization of workflows, tasks and processes within companies. ServiceNow helps clients from any industry and sector to digitize all their processes.

Through our platform, we change the experience of associates. ServiceNow makes the world of work, work. We make employee’s day-to-day work life as natural, transparent and as similar to their daily life as possible. It transforms companies to improve the experience of both associates and end customers, directly impacting company income and revenue.

Q: Why is it necessary to digitize workflows and what are the benefits in terms of time and efficiency?

A: The pandemic accelerated the adoption of digitization among companies. From the human resources side, we have a market that attracts centennial talent. This generation was born with technology at their hands and now has different work needs. Everything starts with recruitment. If the onboarding process for new collaborators does not work as expected, the relationship could be broken from the start.

Attracting talent is important but retaining talent in which companies have already invested time, training and money is essential. ServiceNow plays a critical role in this. Before, onboarding processes were very slow. Now, platforms like ServiceNow provide specific solutions to carry out onboarding and offboarding processes in minutes rather than in weeks, making employees productive from day one.

ServiceNow’s platform not only impacts the talent area; it also transforms customer service, finance and logistics. Within the platform, we offer the development of applications. Young talent likes to create apps to make their lives easier. On our platform, they can create applications within minutes to gather data, make decisions and make their lives easier, even if they lack coding experience.

Q: What is the Now Platform and what makes it “the platform of platforms?”

A: Now Platform is the engine of everything and includes out-of-the-box solutions. ServiceNow does not only sell the platform. Through our vast ecosystem of partners, we get closer to clients and understand where their digital transformation should start. This journey can take time and some areas are more urgent than others. Every client has different priorities.

Through Now Value, we understand clients and accompany them on their digital transformation journey. We aim for clients to make the most from the platform. As it is a cloud platform, clients do not have to buy everything up front. They pay and consume the features and applications they need. ServiceNow’s platform has a renewal rate of 99 percent, which is the highest in the market. We strongly focus on customer satisfaction and on helping them achieve their expected ROI.

Q: How are ServiceNow’s solutions adapted to different industries?

A: Digitalization is a journey, so priorities can change as the company evolves. The client adapts and creates on the platform, which can be adapted to clients’ processes, flows and tasks. ServiceNow already has pre-established best practices but if clients require us to adapt to their processes, we can do that too. During the research period, we also advise our clients to help them make the best decision for them.

Q: How has ServiceNow grown globally and in the Latin American region over the past few years?

A: ServiceNow has grown exponentially in recent years, both globally and in Latin America and Mexico. The company went public in 2012. When I arrived in 2015, ServiceNow was making about US$400-500 million. Last year, the company closed with over US$5.5 billion.

Latin America and Mexico, which are emerging markets, have seen much more aggressive triple-digit growth over the past three years. Process digitization is rapidly being adopted worldwide.

Q: How does ServiceNow work to continuously innovate and offer the best available platform?

A: From its origins, ServiceNow aimed to offer a platform that helps the world work more transparently and easily. ServiceNow never stops investing in the platform and releases two major updates to the platform every year, approximately in June and November.

Being in the cloud, migration is easy as there are no days-long waiting periods for maintenance to be completed. Thanks to our R&D investments, customers receive new features every six months, which leverage technologies that include machine learning, robotic process automation, chatbots and AI.

ServiceNow is obsessed with customer satisfaction. We do weekly and monthly net promoter score (NPS) surveys to improve our services and find out what new features clients are expecting. Through our regional ServiceNow User Groups, customers can let us know what they expect and also connect with each other.

Q: What are the main strategies and goals for ServiceNow in the near term?

A: ServiceNow’s goal is to continue innovating and to continue being the digital transformation platform that customers need. We expect to double our revenues to US$11 billion by the end of 2025. In Latin America, we are doubling revenue and sales on a yearly basis. We aim to keep and even improve our 99 percent renewal rate. We want to continue being the world’s leading digital transformation company and cloud platform.


ServiceNow is a US software company based in Santa Clara, California. It  develops a cloud computing platform to help companies manage digital workflows for enterprise operations.

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